Saturday, May 2, 2009

Saturday Afternoon Reflections "We're No Angels"

We're No Angels, starring Robert De Niro & Sean Penn. This movie has a very memorable scene, I will include the clip. It is described as Father Brown's Eloquent Speech or as I refer to it, the last time Sean Penn said something, that made any damn sense. The movie is about two convicts posing as Catholic Priest in the NW trying to escape into Canada to reach Freedom....Canada Freedom? Anyway the movie isn't so much a religious vehicle as it is a spiritual themed movie, about no one being beyond God's grace or God's redemption. God works in mysterious ways, and God's message coming from unlikely sources. This isn't a movie that requires thinking, it fills your plate and all you have to do is consume the offering. Afterwards you feel sufficiently full. I don't critique Robert De Niro's acting in this movie for a number of reasons 1. He's Robert De Niro. 2. This isn't new material for De Niro, he is comfortable with the subject matter, he can put it on like a glove. De Niro made another film, I am fond of, titled "The Mission" about Jesuit missionaries. The theme of that movie was Religion vs Spirituality. I am fond of movies about Jesuits. I also recommend "Black Robe". We're No Angels, had one very memorable scene, that has stuck with me since the first time I watched it, and for that the movie is worth watching. TIMELESS MESSAGE.

Father Brown's Eloquent Speech

Read the page, from the dime novel inside the bible, Sean Penn is reading from.

Hugo Chavez's BFF, reads but doesn't say aloud: I searched in my pocket and what did I find.

My Colt .32 Hammerless pocket about clinging to your guns, and bibles. I am Laughing, God does work in mysterious ways!
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