Wednesday, June 24, 2009

ACORN Changes Name To COI Alrighty Then

So ACORN has become Community Organization International aka COI. Re branding and going Global. Great Idea Huh? No One could come up with a symbol for their new Acronym right?

Fish in Carny Lingo also known as Mark.

Mark — A carnival term for a townsperson, in the sense of 'victim.' When a carny spotted a towny with a big bankroll, he would give him a friendly slap on the back leaving a chalk mark so other carnies would know that this customer had lots of money. Often the ticket seller would mark the 'mark.' The booth would have a high counter, above the average person's eyesight, and the ticket seller would short-change the customer, leaving the change on the counter. If the customer didn't notice or didn't count his change, the ticket seller would lean over to give him some "friendly" advice about the best attractions, putting his hand on the customer's shoulder to point him toward the show he simply must see, simultaneously dusting his back with chalk from a hidden supply. If the customer instead complained about the wrong change, the ticket seller could always push the remaining change to him and say "I told you to take it." And what do you do when you spot a mark? You "play" him - that's right, just like you play a fish. But a carny truism is, "Always leave the mark a dollar for gas." With gas money he can go home (you don't want him stuck there growing angrier with you every minute).

Hmmm....COI, Fish as in Hook, Line & Sinker. No I don't see this name change as being a GAME CHANGER for ACORN.

PT Barnum said it best “There’s one born every minute.”

I believe the conveyor belt has been sped up.
Sucker Fish, this one is like shooting fish in a barrel;) Stop ACORN from accessing American Taxpayer Dollars. Not enough to suck off the American Taxpayer, now they are Global.

Famous Community Organizer,
Everybody Wants To Rule The World.


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