Saturday, June 20, 2009

Team Roping, Patee Canyon, Missoula Montana

Missoulian, by Betsy Cohen, and photos by Linda Thompson of the Missoulian. Click on the photo to watch the slide show. June 20,2009.

This skill of the open range and ranch life has also become a popular sport. Competitions attract thousands of riders and the purses are so big the events are appropriately called “jackpots.”

The Rubies are less interested in the competition - although they have done their fair share. Instead, they prefer to swing their ropes together at home while they polish the finer points of heading and heeling.

“It’s a fun activity because there is so much going on - the steers are moving, the horse is moving and the roping is challenging,” said Rubie, who grew up in Havre and the ranching way of life. “It’s a lot of timing, not necessarily a strength thing.

“It’s all about timing, balancing and working together with your horse.”

Because the sport - and the animals that go with it - demand concentration, focus and patience, it’s a great way to relieve stress and clear one’s mind.

“It’s a great way to spend time with your family,” said Mike Rubie, who started the evening tradition years ago when he moved his family to Pattee Canyon.

“For the kids, especially, I think it calms them being around the horses,” said Rubie’s wife, Vickie. “And it gives them such a sense of accomplishment when they take care of them and practice. They can see the benefit of what they are doing.”

“There are no family issues when you are in the saddle,” Rubie said.
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There is even a website for people who are homesick for Montana. I am guessing David Letterman would be pining for Montana right about now GRIN.

I'm not sure who won the round up on Friday at The Imus Ranch For Children With Cancer And Blood Disorders. Maybe we will hear about it Monday, when Imus in the Morning returns to the Air Waves June 22, 2009. The Official Imus In The Morning Website.

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