Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Logic Junkie "Exhaustion Of The Obvious"

I was watching the Logic Junkie on You Tube, the "Exhaustion of the Obvious" discussing a cultural phenomena, that I myself have experienced personally. It appears I am not the only one but I don't hear this discussed many places. How is the present generation, and their children developing, compared to previous generations. Technology doesn't make you smarter. I don't know what the benefits are from the advances of technology in our present era of gadgetry - fine tuned, hand eye coordination? The dumbing down of America has surely reached pay dirt. I am not sure if all of the ingredients that go into our culture today have not created a perfect incubator. We have seen a rise in Autism. There are questions about the government mandated vaccines, and a failing public school system. In the old days, we might call what we are experiencing - kids playing dumb.....but I don't think a lot of them are playing. In the old days children used to go outside and play not today. People have too many safety concerns and rightly so. I wonder about the lack of freedom to explore, effects on children. There is something developmentally out of whack with many of our children today. Trying to even train, let alone teach them the most fundamental task is Exhausting. There is a sign post up ahead, can the technologically adept interpret what they are reading? If it isn't in texting form? We shouldn't be surprised when we find there are marketing campaigns behind our current cultural trends. There is no such thing as coincidences.

Example Eugenics is Evil. We fought in a world war against eugenicist. See: (HOLOCAUST) eugenicist who believed there was such a thing as a master race.
Desire to terminate inferior races grew out of book entitled “The Permission to Destroy Life Unworthy of Life” written by Alfred Ploetz and published in 1904. Ploetz argued that certain classes of humans were unworthy and should be terminated. Classes included homosexuals, mentally retarded and those who are “below the beasts.” Nazis later classified Jews as “sub-human”.
Why now, do we have to explain to people - educate them, that "Eugenics" is bad. What is there to figure out? Eugenics is Evil. That is obvious, and it is exhausting to keep having to explain it to a generation coming up that doesn't get that Margaret Sanger was a racist eugenicist, So why would someone like Hillary Clinton state she admired her? Why would anyone support such a practice? Why would someone who sits on the highest court in the land Justice Ginsburg, support such a practice? I still don't understand what population control has to do with the Supreme Court? The Supreme Court decides laws based on the U.S. Constitution. Where is population control located in our founding documents? Of course there are Americans that can't name all three branches of the U.S. Government, let alone tell you what duty they have to us the American people. First we would need every state to require passing a civics class to graduate. That is not currently the state of our public education system. I don't think politicians want an educated electorate. This all seems "obvious" to me, and it gets tiresome to keep explaining the same thing over, and over again. The same people who have internet access to technology, are the same people who are ignorant of the most fundamental basics of how our government works. I do understand - it is obvious to me, why more and more people are home schooling and sending their children to private school.

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