Tuesday, July 21, 2009

McCafe Games, Cupons, Coffee Wars

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McCafe is still offering a coupon, and you can play McCafe Madness, Click the Graphic.

I tried playing "McCafe Madness" I couldn't keep from spilling my coffee, and I am usually pretty good at holding my drink ;) I do wonder what Starbucks is doing to stop - to counter McCafe campaign. Our local Dunkin Donuts is located in Walmart. I noticed that instead of a McDonalds, we have Dunkin Donuts, the local high end Walmart near us "Walmart had to meet local zoning requirements for their big box store" in upscale neighborhood. There is a blog for Dunkin Donuts Talk HERE. Starbuck also has blogs, Starbucks Gossip HERE. I couldn't find a McCafe Coffee Talk blog, but I did find this you tube for McCafe. McCafe Homepage. Need something to hold your coffee in, or do you like to drink it straight from the pot? Get your "You Can't Reason With A Zombie Coffee Cup" Here at Cafe Press

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