Monday, July 20, 2009

Neil Cavuto "Goldman Sachs Just Bucking The Trends"

Imus's guest this morning on Imus in the Morning, Neil Cavuto. Neil compares the present administration to used car salesmen, they too like to rush a sale. In this case the administration is rushing a health care bill.

Neil thinks the present administration is giving used car salesmen a bad name.

Neil has read Matt Taibbi's article in RollingStone Magazine "The Great American Bubble Machine" but he doesn't agree with Mr Taibbi's conclusions.

"Neil doesn't buy this view that Goldman is the epicenter of evil.
Neil, Goldman never really wanted this rescue bill, and it couldn't return the money fast enough. But there is all kinds of strings to returning money......And as Bernie pointed out doing much better than it's brethren on Wall Street. It's somehow to be faulted for wanting to pay it's people in some cases a great deal of money. I think it's a very slippery slope when we start judging a firm or it's value of it's ethics on the amount of money it's making."

Really Neil, we can't judge a firm or company by their actions, and the results of their actions? That sounds like a bunch of Bull to me. What kind of stick would we use to measure them with ? They are a financial firm, if they are manipulating our government to make a profit for themselves with our tax payer money aka TARP. Basically Neil wants to know what are we bitching about? I mean it isn't like we have massive foreclosures and unemployment or anything......Goldman Sacks, could careless if Americans can clothe, house and feed themselves. They don't care if they turn their profit on our sweat equity - Tax payer dollars = TARP. Where is the level playing field, where is the fundamental fairness?

Neil continues, When others aren't doing well, and well there is some free fall going on, and a company might be Bucking that trend, or an organization might be Bucking that trend, or finding a way to make money, or lemons in what could be a real bad environment. Than do you fault that company, or do you praise that company? I am in the camp that says you praise them, and that's where he, and I fundamentally disagree.

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