Saturday, August 15, 2009

Liberia "It Could Be Paradise"

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton just visited Liberia. yahoo news, by Shaun Tandon and Zoom Dosso Shaun Tandon And Zoom Dosso Thu Aug 13, 3:33 pm ET. If you use your pointer on the map above, you can manipulate and drag the map around to view different areas of Liberia.

Clinton Throws Support behind Liberia leader.

"I know that the suffering of the Liberian people has been broad and deep but now you have a chance to take a stand against the past and for a future that is worthy of your sacrifice and suffering," she added.

Clinton later dedicated 4.4 million dollars in new equipment to upgrade Monrovia's new airport, part of two billion dollars in US aid to Liberia to bolster the peace process.

Later Thursday, Clinton left Monrovia for Cape Verde, another close ally of the United States. KEEP READING HERE.

The Times of India, Hillary Clinton shows U.S. Support In Liberia,

Torrential rain met Clinton as she arrived in Monrovia, where hundreds of drenched people lined the streets to welcome her, waving American and Liberian flag and holding banners, some of which proclaimed that she was a ``woman of substance for Liberia.''

She said the US would be providing $17.5 million in assistance to help ensure the election is free and fair. She also said the US wold expand its cooperation in training a professional Liberian police force.

Liberia has historically close ties with the US. It was founded in 1847 by freed American slaves. Clinton is here on the sixth leg of a seven-nation tour of Africa aimed at promoting democracy and development. KEEP READING HERE.

Hillary Clinton visits Liberia, TVNZ, Published: 1:39PM Friday August 14, 2009,Source: Reuters

While many Monrovia residents were glad to welcome Clinton, and applauded the affirmation of a long-standing relationship, others saw little benefit.

"We cannot see what America is doing for us," businesswoman Marie Sumo said. "Look at Ghana, in terms of development. Take a look at us today. We are still behind today. For me, this is time that we make friends with our African brothers and sisters. KEEP READING HERE.

This Is A Wall Paper House

The house has built-in single and double beds and a veranda with a sealed-off area housing a shower and lavatory. You can read more about this wall paper house on TimesOnline HERE.

Liberians are overwhelmingly pro American, for facts about Liberia you can go here.

I would as an American, appreciate seeing us help Liberians climb out of the devastation, years of civil war has wrought upon them. They are descendants of American Slaves, they think of themselves as Americans. It would be a good message to send to the world, we take care of our own. They could also stand as a model for other African Nations. We are currently helping them train their police force. They need things we take for granted like a sanitation department, they don't get electricity 24/7, in Monrovia their children are going to school in a burned out church. They sometimes only eat twice a day. I know they have Liberian Coffee (commodity) because my spouse brought some home for us to try. Liberia it could be paradise with some American Ingenuity & Investment.

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