Monday, August 24, 2009

Take This Tune: Vincent "Dreamweaver"

Vincent Van Gogh, Aries, Fiery Redhead

Born on March 30, 1853, at Groot-Zundert in the province of Brabant, Holland, Vincent Willem Van Gogh was the son of a Protestant minister, Theodorus Van Gogh. Exactly a year before his birth, his mother, Cornelia, gave birth to an infant, also named Vincent, who was stillborn, or dead upon birth. His grieving parents buried the child and set up a tombstone to mark the grave. As a result, Vincent Van Gogh grew up near the haunting sight of a grave with his own name upon it. His mother later gave birth to Theo, his younger brother, and three younger sisters. Not much is known about Van Gogh's earlier education, but he did receive some encouragement from his mother to draw and paint. As a teenager he drew and painted regularly. KEEP READING HERE.

Gemini, represents duality two sides. Click on Van Gogh's dreamers above, check Van Gogh's astral chart at birth. Mercury is the ruler of the astral sign Gemini.
Mercury rad, however, goes -90- Asc-Desc rad, which emphasizes once again how impulsive and quick-tempered he can be in his self-expression and communication with parents (Merc ruler IC rad), partners and the public. Overcompensation is the exact word for it. Vincent did not know where to draw the line. He exaggerated in nearly everything he did.

I decided to use Van Gogh's astral chart for my Take This Tune offering because of Vincent's famous Starry Night Painting.

Regarding Bipolar Disorder:

Through out his life, Van Gogh gave evidence of mental instability having a difficult and moody personality. Various biographies - all from the perspective of history - describe him as suffering with epilepsy, depression, psychotic attacks, delusions, and bipolar disorder. In December 1888, Van Gogh experienced a psychotic episode in which he threatened the life of Gauguin, a personal friend and fellow artist. This episode also brought about the notorious incident in which Van Gogh cut off a piece of his own left ear offering it as a gift to a prostitute. Subsequently, he consigned himself to a mental asylum for more than a year, but left in frustration because his condition was not improving. Vincent Van Gogh, by Kimberly Read & Marcia Purse, Updated May 25, 2006. KEEP READING HERE.


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