Friday, August 14, 2009

TGIF "Circus Life" Bozeman, Montana "The High Lonesome"

I was watching the news "Fox News" and heard OUR President is planning a town hall meeting for the Health Insurance Reform Bills, in Bozeman, Montana. Why Bozeman? Bozeman is not the largest city in Montana not even close. Billings is the largest followed by Missoula. Missoula is the home of University of Montana and the "Grizzlys" Bozeman is home of Montana State University and the "Bobcats" last I checked Bozeman's population was around 31,000 people. The Grizzlys and the Bobcats are state rivals. I am in the Grizzly column just an FYI.

The City of Bozeman was named for John M Bozeman, the founder of the Bozeman Trail. My family followed the Bozeman Trail. They left St Joseph, Missouri in a wagon train headed for our family homestead in 1894.

The movie a "River Runs Through It" was filmed in Bozeman, Montana. The movie was trying to capture the setting of Missoula, Montana in an earlier era but Missoula, has transformed into something more modern over the years. One of my favorite lines from the movie is when one brother tells this to the other: The further away you get from Missoula, Montana, the more bastards you run into. Amen Brother!

This is interesting this happened recently in Bozeman June 2009, does it remind anyone of anything we are experiencing right now? Huh, collecting information on Montanan's internet activity.....

Employment application controversy from Wikipedia.

In June 2009, a controversy emerged related to job applications for prospective city employees. Part of the city's background check policy included a requirement to list all social networking sites in which the prospective employee had participated, including passwords and other login information.[6] Critics of this policy have found it a violation of the Montana Constitution's guarantees of privacy rights; the city attorney has responded by stating that it is a necessary part of the city's background check system.[7] Widespread criticism led the city to stop requesting passwords and other login information within a few days of implementing the policy.

They even have community organization, I have never heard of the HRDC.

The first Federal Building and Post Office was built in 1915. Many years later, while empty, it was a film location along with downtown Bozeman in A River Runs Through It (1992) by Robert Redford, starring Brad Pitt. It is now used by HRDC, a community organization. You can keep reading about Bozeman, Montana HERE.

I wonder what the locals think of this Health Care Reform Bill? Mt Pundit a conservative blogger has been posting about this very topic HERE.

Billings Gazette, MIKE DENNISON Gazette State Bureau | Posted: Tuesday, August 11, 2009 9:35 pm

Obama and his family are scheduled to arrive on Air Force One at Gallatin Field Airport at 12:30 p.m. Friday; the town hall is scheduled to begin 20 minutes later.

The Obama family plans to visit Yellowstone National Park later on Friday, and the president has scheduled another town meeting Saturday in Grand Junction, Colo.

A prominent group opposing the Democrats' health reform plans is planning an event in Bozeman, to coincide with the president's visit.

Patients First, a project of Americans for Prosperity, is organizing bus tours in 13 states to promote opposition to health reform proposals before Congress. One of those tours had been planned in Montana this week, and organizers slightly adjusted the schedule to have a stop in Bozeman on the day of the president's visit.

Jake Eaton, a former executive director of the Montana Republican Party and coordinator of the event, said the bus tour will feature speakers opposing the reforms as a "government takeover of health care," and will stop at rallies planned in several cities, from Friday through Monday. Keep Reading HERE.

Welcome First Family, if you run into any malcontents remember you could have held this town hall in Missoula, GRIN. I would also remind everyone that Montana, and other North Western States have been over run with folks fleeing California (we call them transplants) and who could blame them, anyone check out the late great state of California lately? I hear there Government is going to stop issuing IOUs next month.

The photo above is of Bridger Mountain.

Next Stop Colorado, been there done that ;)

UPDATE: Hat Tip Bella.

Obama's Montana town hall not quite the 'Wild West'

By: Charlie Spiering
Online Community Manager
08/14/09 1:39 PM EDT

Barack Obama's town hall in the Bozeman, Montana area is not as 'bold' of a trip into the Wild West as described by Politico's Carole E. Lee this morning.

Bozeman, Montana is a college town with many resident yuppies and is a home for multi-millionaires looking to buy their own piece of the West.

Although the event is in the Bozeman suburb of Belgrade, a short drive takes you to the popular Big Sky Ski Resort or to the Yellowstone Club, a posh invitation-only playground for millionares. Although it's since gone bankrupt, at one time it cost a minimum of $250,000 to join, plus the cost of a $5 million to $35 million mountainside home.

Billionaire Ted Turner owns hundreds of thousands of acres in the area and his local buffalo burger joint has already created their $10 Obama burger in anticipation of our burger loving president's visit. KEEP READING HERE.

Max Baucus (D) Chairman of the Senate Finance Commitee, it will take Max Baucus, to move any health care insurance reform bill, through the Senate.

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