Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Was the Captain Of the Titanic A Democrat Too?

I have been watching as in viewing, the coverage of the town hall meetings, and the response by our Public Servants aka Government Workers, to the protesters. I have been following the polls, the accusations, the overt hostility to We The People. By the very people, we have contributed to through campaign funds, and voted into their current elected offices. They realize there is another election coming up in 2 November 2010 right? It doesn't matter if the protesters are Grassroots or AstroTurf, folks they are Americans so who cares how they are organizing? We are still a Republic, and we have the right to peaceful assembly.

My take on the proposed health insurance reform bills, if our public servants - the folks who live off of our taxes, won't go on the plan, they have proposed for us, it's a non starter. If they won't eat their own cooking neither will I.

That isn't the only problem with the people, who are proposing to scrap our current system to cover an estimated 8 to 10 million people, who are not currently covered. Democracy is majority rule with minority protection not vice versa. NBC/Wall Street Journal survey Job creation was the top priority of 38 percent of the public; the deficit, 17 percent; and health care 14 percent.

The progressive wing of the Democrat party, seem not to understand, for all the folks showing up at these town hall meetings, they have peers watching from home on their televisions, and computers. Like an iceberg, you can see what is above the surface, they see the folks who show up in person, but they don't see all the people who support the protesters, those same people are under the surface. When I read, the Speaker of the House write, that town hall protesters are UnAmerican.
I believe she is trying to steer the angst away from the White House, and back towards the Congress, to take the heat off of the President. An attempt to manipulate the pressure, building up against this so called health insurance reform, that our President has made his signature legislation. Madame Speaker doesn't have a problem playing the villain for the Administration, if they get what they want in the end. It doesn't change the dynamics though, they have charted their course, there is an iceberg ahead. If the progressive wing of the Democrat Party manages to shove this legislation
through - legislation they wouldn't avail themselves to - they have juicy health insurance coverage, then come 2 November 2010, they are going to see an incredible backlash by frustrated Voters aka American Tax Payers. I suspect it will also effect their ability to raise campaign funds for those same congressional races in the future.

Dear Mr President, Tell Your Party, They're Pushin Too Hard

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