Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Fox Business News, Supplys Col Jack Jacobs, With His Own Personal Soap Box

Imus guest this morning Col Jack Jacobs Ret. Fox Business News, really knows how to treat their guest. This morning Col Jacobs, was commenting on the special soap box, he was supplied with.

Imus and Col Jacobs, discuss the Presidents upcoming decision on the increase of troops as requested by General McChrystal, and Supported by General Patraeus. Col Jack Jacobs is in favor of increasing troop levels as requested by General McChrystal. Inside of the present administration, there is an ongoing conversation about what to do about Afghanistan. Col Jacobs thinks that General McChrystal, is going to get more troops but less than he asked for, and he will be told to make do.

Keyboard Jockey: My take (Too many cooks in the President's kitchen) I think the President should be discussing the Afghanistan strategy with the Secretary of Defense, and his Military Officers, who are on the ground. There isn't going to be any popular political decision regarding Afghanistan, there is no middle ground.

Col Jack Jacobs, doesn't believe in nation building but specific regions which are very, very troublesome like Helmand province, Kandahar, and up near the border of Tora Bora, and Paktia Province these are crucial areas. Those tribal leaders can be ah their areas can be organized and they can be empowered so they can take care of themselves. I think that is what Stan McChyrstal and David Patraeus are really up to. Imus mentions that, General McChystral has reportedly only spoken to the President once in the last two and half months. Col Jacob ask, what's with that? You can't run an operation like that.

Keyboard Jockey: This sounds like strengthening local governments at the province level (Tribal Affiliation) to be able to protect themselves. Raising a local army, coming from their own tribes, instead of trying to stand up a National Military centralized in
Kabul. (There is a reason they refer to Hamid Karzai as the mayor of Kabul) Afghanistan is different than Iraq, it is more rural and a different culture. It might have been wiser, than laying ribbons of asphalt in Afghanistan, to set up a Rail System, connecting Herat, Kabul and Kandahar.

You can click on the above graphic or listen to Imus's guest, Col Jack Jacobs, this morning on Imus In The Morning HERE.

The Official Imus In The Morning Website HERE

Fox Business News HERE.

This is an interesting blog I found when I was surfing for Afghanistan information. Ghost of Alexander, Conflict and Society in Afghanistan and Central Asia This older post from a couple of years ago caught my attention. "Whoops! They Caught A Chechen"

Sweetness & Light "No Reason To Fear Terror Attacks".

One Thing Is For Certain, We Have To Support Our Military. They Support Us Every Single Day - With Their Service, and Sacrifice.

Burying Don Imus, Anatomy of a Scapegoat

By Michael Awkward

Amazon Product Description
or click on the book graphic.

Product Description

"That's some nappy-headed hos." With these now-infamous words, uttered in 2007 to describe the supposed appearance of the Rutgers women's basketball team, the radio talk show host Don Imus became the improbable focus of a heated national discussion on race, gender, and the power of language. Excoriated in the media as racist and sexist, Imus quickly lost the corporate sponsorships that had made his show so lucrative and, despite a public meeting with the Rutgers athletes and their coach to apologize for his comments, was fired by CBS two weeks later. In Burying Don Imus, Michael Awkward provides the first balanced, critical analysis of Imus's comments and the public outrage they provoked.

Written from the singular perspective of a black intellectual with both a long-standing commitment to feminism and a deep familiarity with-and appreciation of-Imus in the Morning, this book contends that the reaction to the insult ignored the nature of Imus's contributions to popular culture and political debate while eliding the real and very complicated issues within contemporary racial politics. Awkward's probing account analyzes the responses within the African-American community as reflective of deep-seated anxieties rooted in the collective trauma resulting from centuries of slavery, Jim Crow, and racial violence. Placing the controversy in multiple contexts, he addresses Imus's public persona and the satirical intent of his show, and delves into such charged topics as the perception of women athletes in American culture, the tradition of racist humor, the sexist language of hip-hop, and the politics of black hairstyles. Awkward also juxtaposes the Imus incident with other recent controversies, including the rape accusations leveled against white players on Duke University's lacrosse team in 2006, in order to demonstrate how sensational spectacles of racism play out in the media again and again.

Highly personal, eclectic, and illuminating, Burying Don Imus examines American society's predilection for self-congratulatory, ineffective hand-wringing over issues of race and racism and its inability to engage productively with the historic oppression of African Americans.

I especially like this quote from Debra Dickerson, a frequent guest on, Imus In The Morning.

"Burying Don Imus, is not only the book America needed. It is the book America didn’t know it needed. Without the deeply contextualized knowledge that the author both possessed and went looking for, America would never have known how knee-jerk its condemnation of Don Imus was—this author included—and how existentially misguided its reaction was to the ‘Rutgers incident.’ Though I am thoroughly ‘dissed’ in it, maybe because of that thorough 'dissing' I cannot recommend this book highly enough. It is both entertaining and illuminating." —Debra Dickerson.

What Imus Fans, were watching weeks prior, to the sound byte heard around the world.

Monday, September 28, 2009

University Of Alabama CRIMSONETTES & Highlights Alabama Vs Arkansas 26th September 2009

There are more photos of the Alabama vs Arkansas Football Game at RollTideBama.Com You can click on the photo below to view more Crimsonettes. Alabama Crimsonettes Cheesecake.

Final Score 26th September 2009, Crimson Tide vs The Razorbacks 35- 7. Alabama 4-0, ROLL TIDE!

Friday, September 25, 2009

UPDATE: G20 Pittsburgh Summit, More Photos From, Steel Town

Thanks "Terrible Towel" for the great Photos from Pittsburgh G20 Protest.

Pittsburgh G20 Photos from Steel Town

Guest Blogger "Terrible Towel" Sending Photos from the Pittsburgh G20 Summit.

I will try to UPDATE during the day.

Thanks Terrible Towel.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Imus & Glenn Beck, Connecting The Dots

Imus's guest this morning Glenn Beck, explaining the uncanny synchronicity of their mutual careers. Both have been on Time Magazine Covers, most recently in Glenn Beck's Case Here. Imus's last Time Magazine Cover Here. The article of Glenn Beck for Time Magazine written by David Von Drehle, wrote the initial essay for Deirdre Imus's book Imus Ranch Cookbook, Cooking for Kids and Cowboys. Clarification on Glenn's new book photo cover, Arguing With Idiots. That is an East German on the Cover not a Nazi. Glenn: That would be over the top don't you think?

For some reason Glenn Beck, always reminds me of the Riddler from the movie Batman Forever 1995, portrayed by Jim Carrey. The Riddler exclaiming to Harvey Dent aka Two Face, That he has an IMPLUSE problem. The Riddler asking, Was that over the top, I can never really tell. Gotham City another Beck -Imus similarity?

Imus mentions that Glenn and Deirdre, have the same book publisher....more dots. The discussion touches on Gun Control & The Heller decision, I don't why that came up? Except for perhaps Fox Business News, Special Imus Policy. Glenn starts explaining to Imus his premise, that we should all be able to ask questions about the current Obama Administration. For example, questions about the late Green Jobs Czar, Van Jones, and the NEA kerfuffle. Imus tells Glenn, you're starting to scare me, don't start crying. Glenn, I may not start crying, I may snap! Imus is right, this isn't going to end well.

You Can Listen to Imus In The Morning Guest Glenn Beck HERE.

Imus In The Morning Official Website Here.

Inside Imus Premium Service HERE.

Glenn Beck's Book Arguing With Idiots, How To Stop Small Minds And Big Government. You Can Purchase A Copy At Amazon.

Glenn Beck's Book is #2 on Amazon.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada & Dusty's Singing Dog

Horseshoe Falls

American Side Rainbow

The American Side

Maid Of The Mist

Taken the week of 14 September 2009,
As far as a synopsis----it was wet, exciting, awesome. Dari, Prattville, Alabama.

I have been getting some very interesting emails from my family, and friends, this video is of an old acquaintance "Dusty" and his wife Lynn, who taught their dog to sing, in fact they are performing on stage.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Fox Business News To Imus, Have Gun No Travel

Imus in the Morning debuting October 5th on Fox Business Network, live from the Fox Studios.

Imus: Already I am getting emails, about what I can and can't do. I got an email yesterday, informing me, what I can and cannot bring into the studios. I can't bring in any weapons....okay. I have clearance to bring in, a Tazer, Handcuffs, and a Marv Albert dress up doll.

Dagen McDowell of Fox Business Network, joined Imus, and they discussed the anticipation of Imus coming to Fox Business News. You can listen to the Interview HERE.

I tried to sign up - register with Fox Business official website, you get something sent to your email box to complete the registration. I just get an error, and directed to contact the website, which I did and never got a reply?


The Official Imus In The Morning Website HERE.

Not Another Imus Blog HERE.

Bella, It's an I Ho Virtual Reunion HERE.

You Have To Be This Tall To Go On This Ride

I Am Listening To "Got You Where I Want You"

Thursday, September 17, 2009

I Would Like To Make A Dedication, This One Goes Out To ACORN

Sometimes You Feel Like A Nut, Sometimes You Don't.

Andrew Breitbart Presents Big Government.

House Votes To Defund ACORN 345-75, Final Vote Roll Call HERE. So who voted against, defunding an organization that gives advice on setting up brothels with under age girls? That's going to make a great campaign add for the November 2010 Elections SARC.

In Related News Sarah Palin 2012, U.S. Congress person, doesn't lack in nutty ideas.

Motor City Mad Man, Performing Stranglehold, 4th of July 2008. Independence Day.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Rest In Peace, Patrick Swayze, I Do Believe In The Here After

August 18, 1952 – September 14, 2009

One of my favorite movie lines, came from a Patrick Swayze movie. Patrick Swayze stared in the Movie "Next Of Kin" The theme of the movie was a blood feud. In this case the two families comprised of a Chicago Mafia Family, and a Kentucky Hillbilly Clan. Hillbillies and the Mafioso both familiar with feuding. Patrick Swayze's character Truman Gates, is speaking to his wife Jessie Gates, played by Helen Hunt. Truman Gates asks his wife "Do You Believe In The Here After?" She Replies, Yes. He Responds, Than You Know What I'm Here After.

Next Of Kin, Wiki'd up here at Wikipedia.

When a young Kentucky man living in Chicago is murdered by a ruthless Mafia boss, his older brother, a Chicago cop, decides to hunt for the killer. Complicating matters for the cop is the arrival of a third brother, fresh from the hills of rural Appalachia, who also wants to find the murderer, but has less concern for the niceties of the law. Undeterred by the mob's sophisticated and systematic brutality, this Kentucky boy seeks vengeance hillbilly-style -- and he won't rest until he gets it. Keep Reading Here Rotten Tomato.


Sunday, September 13, 2009

Representative Thaddeus McCotter "Undergirding"

Rep Thaddeus McCotter of Michigan, We Need To Reset the Health Insurance Reform Legislation.

McCotter: What Americans are tired of are chaotic shocks to the system.

Words that work, American Prosperity, Job Creation, Practical, In The American Tradition, American Statesmen, American Constitution, Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.

Words that don't work, Collective, Crisis, Civility, Globalization, Wealth Redistribution, Community Organizing, Czar.

We don't give a rat's ass if our elected officials are all that civil to one another if they get the job done - The People's business. We are not delicate, fainting daises, pansies. If you need to use strong language, for the love of all that is holy use strong language. You all have been elected to the Congress of the United States of America, not the Boy Scouts. You all need to take a cue from your constituents while you still have constituents.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Sigh...Kids, Glenn Beck Isn't The Joker, He's The Riddler

Riders hang upside down on the Riddler's Revenge,
a stand-up coaster at Six Flags Magic Mountain in California.

This iconic image of the Joker from Batman Dark Knight is getting overused. Really we have George W Bush, and Barack H Obama depicted by the image, made famous by actor Heath Ledger now deceased. I believe he passed away due to a drug overdose. There is a lesson for the kids, all of these folks, could be the poster child for "Just Say No". If an iconic Batman image is going to be used it should be the Riddler. Glenn Beck asks questions, which Batman character is constantly asking, Riddle Me This? Glenn Beck is a roller coaster ride, buy the ticket take the ride. I am not surprised that it is the sour and humorless, who don't know how to enjoy the ride. All that the poorly conceived smearing of Glenn Beck, has been able to accomplish, is blow him up. If this was the purpose of the smear campaign than congratulations kids good job.

I've seen this movie too, when Imus was targeted by the same folks, and what was the results? Imus signed with Fox Business News, he debuts October 5th. I am really looking forward to the new FBN, Imus In The Morning. I am also looking forward to a Glenn Beck appearance. Until then You Can Listen To Imus In The Morning on 77WABC.

The Glenn Beck Experience 12 September 2009, check your local Fox News Listing.


Sunday, September 6, 2009

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot "The Matrix Runs On Windows XP"

Down The Rabbit Hole With You.

Alabama vs Virginia Tech 34-24

A Crimson Tide Pictures, Images and Photos
alabama crimson tide Pictures, Images and Photos
2009 Alabama Football Schedule
Date Opponent Location
September 5 vs. Virginia Tech Atlanta (Georgia Dome)
September 12 Florida International Tuscaloosa
September 19 North Texas Tuscaloosa
September 26 Arkansas Tuscaloosa
October 3 at Kentucky Lexington
October 10 at Ole Miss Oxford
October 17 South Carolina Tuscaloosa
October 24 Tennessee Tuscaloosa
October 31 ---Open Week---
November 7 LSU Tuscaloosa
November 14 at Mississippi State Starkville
November 21 Tennessee-Chattanooga Tuscaloosa
November 27 at Auburn Auburn
December 5 SEC Championship Game Atlanta


Friday, September 4, 2009

TGIF "Circus Life" Democrats Buffalo Jump

American History doesn't start with colonization. One thing I have noticed about this present Administration, it is weak on Geography skills. SEE Barack H Obama, has visited 57 states except Alaska & Hawaii. Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano statements, The 9/11 terrorist came across the Canadian border or her statement that the northern border of the U.S. was as dangerous as our southern border. SEE Mexican Drug Cartels. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, blames the U.S. for all the worlds ills, it's all our fault so the United States, must be the most evil nation on the planet. Don't get me started on Al Goraphobias misrepresentations of Global Climate Change. Their lack of common knowledge does seem odd, given their praise of President Theodore Roosevelt. I Fav, Dr Douglas Brinkley just published a book about President Teddy Roosevelt.

The progressives are trying to change this country from the top down. There are a number of reasons why this won't work. Our countries bedrock is not European. (The Majority of Americans are not attracted to European socialism) When colonization got into full swing in this country from Europe, the colonist in order to adapt, grafted themselves onto what was already here: The American Indian's Culture. There are a number of books, people can read to educate themselves on Pre Colombian History. I think it's important to understand what happened when the two cultures met or a better description clashed. Jack Weatherford, has written two very good books on our native roots Indian Givers, and Native Roots, how the Indians enriched America. I would also encourage people to read Albion's Seed, Four British Folkways In America, and Born Fighting, How the Scots Irish shaped America, by James Webb, now Democrat Senator from Virginia. The Ulster Scots, The Jacksonians, the so called Reagan Democrats. Or as our President likes to refer to them: The Bitter gun clinging, bible hugging, stranger avoiders GRIN.

Currently the progressive wing of the Democrat Party is encouraging our President, to ram through legislation, that the majority of Americans are rejecting. Health Care Insurance Reform, that includes a public option, despite the inevitable political fall out. They are encouraging the President to Jump. Thousands of years before the horse was introduced to the American Indian, there was an old practice of stampeding buffalo over a cliff "Buffalo Jump" There would be Indians waiting at the bottom of the cliff, ready to kill the buffalo that survived. The Indians didn't waste any of the buffalo, they used the buffalo up in it's entirety. Anyone who has studied American History knows the buffalo was hunted almost to extinction. The progressives appear to be trying to stampede the entire Democrat Party over a political cliff, and those who survive the fall, will be politically crippled.

There is an election coming up in 2 November 2010. Will the American people be looking for political scalps? The progressives, have been calling average American citizens, mobs, Un-American, evil mongers, domestic terrorist, wing nuts, teabaggers, right wingers, loons, compared them to kkk rallies ect....Do they really think this endears them to the American electorate? A New York Representative actually stated, it was beneath her dignity to hold a town hall meeting. The G20 is getting ready to meet in Pittsburgh, starting September 22nd. The anarchist are already making their protest plans. I am very interested to see how the Mainstream Media characterizes these protesters, in comparison to town hall protesters - made up of Average Americans. The President is attending, surely if these anarchist are protesting, we can expect the same kind of labeling and name calling of these protesters. "Of Course We All Know Dissent Is Patriotic" The progressives are deficient in American History, and Geography. Silent Majority does not equal Tame Majority.

Welcome To The Jungle
You can have anything you want But you better not take it from me.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Breaking, Imus Signs With Fox Business News

imus we%2527re not happy till you%2527re not happy Pictures, Images and Photos

Neil Cavuto "We're Not Happy, Till You're Not Happy"

Breaking: Don Imus Joins Fox Biz

Imus_9.3.jpgFox Business Network has announced, after weeks of speculation around the industry, that radio host Don Imus will be joining the network starting October 5th. Imus signed a multi-year deal with FBN to simulcast "Imus in the Morning" weekdays from 6-9amET along with his radio syndication. The announcement stated that Imus will be incorporating more business news into his format. Keep Reading Here at mediabistro.com: TVNewser.

UPDATE: The program will incorporate additional business news into its format which now offers a mix of current affairs, politics, entertainment and sports as discussed amongst Imus and his genius cast of characters including: Charles McCord, Bernard McGuirk, Rob Bartlett, Lou Rufino, Tony Powell, Warner Wolf and Julie Kanfer. Fox Business Secures Deal With Don Imus, Fox Business Network Keep Reading Here.

Glenn Beck - Rockefeller Center "Red Square" ?

Is Glenn Beck Skating On Thin Ice? Click On The Photo, You Decide ;)

Jay Rockefeller, West Virginia