Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Fox Business News, Supplys Col Jack Jacobs, With His Own Personal Soap Box

Imus guest this morning Col Jack Jacobs Ret. Fox Business News, really knows how to treat their guest. This morning Col Jacobs, was commenting on the special soap box, he was supplied with.

Imus and Col Jacobs, discuss the Presidents upcoming decision on the increase of troops as requested by General McChrystal, and Supported by General Patraeus. Col Jack Jacobs is in favor of increasing troop levels as requested by General McChrystal. Inside of the present administration, there is an ongoing conversation about what to do about Afghanistan. Col Jacobs thinks that General McChrystal, is going to get more troops but less than he asked for, and he will be told to make do.

Keyboard Jockey: My take (Too many cooks in the President's kitchen) I think the President should be discussing the Afghanistan strategy with the Secretary of Defense, and his Military Officers, who are on the ground. There isn't going to be any popular political decision regarding Afghanistan, there is no middle ground.

Col Jack Jacobs, doesn't believe in nation building but specific regions which are very, very troublesome like Helmand province, Kandahar, and up near the border of Tora Bora, and Paktia Province these are crucial areas. Those tribal leaders can be ah their areas can be organized and they can be empowered so they can take care of themselves. I think that is what Stan McChyrstal and David Patraeus are really up to. Imus mentions that, General McChystral has reportedly only spoken to the President once in the last two and half months. Col Jacob ask, what's with that? You can't run an operation like that.

Keyboard Jockey: This sounds like strengthening local governments at the province level (Tribal Affiliation) to be able to protect themselves. Raising a local army, coming from their own tribes, instead of trying to stand up a National Military centralized in
Kabul. (There is a reason they refer to Hamid Karzai as the mayor of Kabul) Afghanistan is different than Iraq, it is more rural and a different culture. It might have been wiser, than laying ribbons of asphalt in Afghanistan, to set up a Rail System, connecting Herat, Kabul and Kandahar.

You can click on the above graphic or listen to Imus's guest, Col Jack Jacobs, this morning on Imus In The Morning HERE.

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One Thing Is For Certain, We Have To Support Our Military. They Support Us Every Single Day - With Their Service, and Sacrifice.

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