Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Imus & Glenn Beck, Connecting The Dots

Imus's guest this morning Glenn Beck, explaining the uncanny synchronicity of their mutual careers. Both have been on Time Magazine Covers, most recently in Glenn Beck's Case Here. Imus's last Time Magazine Cover Here. The article of Glenn Beck for Time Magazine written by David Von Drehle, wrote the initial essay for Deirdre Imus's book Imus Ranch Cookbook, Cooking for Kids and Cowboys. Clarification on Glenn's new book photo cover, Arguing With Idiots. That is an East German on the Cover not a Nazi. Glenn: That would be over the top don't you think?

For some reason Glenn Beck, always reminds me of the Riddler from the movie Batman Forever 1995, portrayed by Jim Carrey. The Riddler exclaiming to Harvey Dent aka Two Face, That he has an IMPLUSE problem. The Riddler asking, Was that over the top, I can never really tell. Gotham City another Beck -Imus similarity?

Imus mentions that Glenn and Deirdre, have the same book publisher....more dots. The discussion touches on Gun Control & The Heller decision, I don't why that came up? Except for perhaps Fox Business News, Special Imus Policy. Glenn starts explaining to Imus his premise, that we should all be able to ask questions about the current Obama Administration. For example, questions about the late Green Jobs Czar, Van Jones, and the NEA kerfuffle. Imus tells Glenn, you're starting to scare me, don't start crying. Glenn, I may not start crying, I may snap! Imus is right, this isn't going to end well.

You Can Listen to Imus In The Morning Guest Glenn Beck HERE.

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Glenn Beck's Book Arguing With Idiots, How To Stop Small Minds And Big Government. You Can Purchase A Copy At Amazon.

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