Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Sigh...Kids, Glenn Beck Isn't The Joker, He's The Riddler

Riders hang upside down on the Riddler's Revenge,
a stand-up coaster at Six Flags Magic Mountain in California.

This iconic image of the Joker from Batman Dark Knight is getting overused. Really we have George W Bush, and Barack H Obama depicted by the image, made famous by actor Heath Ledger now deceased. I believe he passed away due to a drug overdose. There is a lesson for the kids, all of these folks, could be the poster child for "Just Say No". If an iconic Batman image is going to be used it should be the Riddler. Glenn Beck asks questions, which Batman character is constantly asking, Riddle Me This? Glenn Beck is a roller coaster ride, buy the ticket take the ride. I am not surprised that it is the sour and humorless, who don't know how to enjoy the ride. All that the poorly conceived smearing of Glenn Beck, has been able to accomplish, is blow him up. If this was the purpose of the smear campaign than congratulations kids good job.

I've seen this movie too, when Imus was targeted by the same folks, and what was the results? Imus signed with Fox Business News, he debuts October 5th. I am really looking forward to the new FBN, Imus In The Morning. I am also looking forward to a Glenn Beck appearance. Until then You Can Listen To Imus In The Morning on 77WABC.

The Glenn Beck Experience 12 September 2009, check your local Fox News Listing.

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