Friday, September 4, 2009

TGIF "Circus Life" Democrats Buffalo Jump

American History doesn't start with colonization. One thing I have noticed about this present Administration, it is weak on Geography skills. SEE Barack H Obama, has visited 57 states except Alaska & Hawaii. Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano statements, The 9/11 terrorist came across the Canadian border or her statement that the northern border of the U.S. was as dangerous as our southern border. SEE Mexican Drug Cartels. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, blames the U.S. for all the worlds ills, it's all our fault so the United States, must be the most evil nation on the planet. Don't get me started on Al Goraphobias misrepresentations of Global Climate Change. Their lack of common knowledge does seem odd, given their praise of President Theodore Roosevelt. I Fav, Dr Douglas Brinkley just published a book about President Teddy Roosevelt.

The progressives are trying to change this country from the top down. There are a number of reasons why this won't work. Our countries bedrock is not European. (The Majority of Americans are not attracted to European socialism) When colonization got into full swing in this country from Europe, the colonist in order to adapt, grafted themselves onto what was already here: The American Indian's Culture. There are a number of books, people can read to educate themselves on Pre Colombian History. I think it's important to understand what happened when the two cultures met or a better description clashed. Jack Weatherford, has written two very good books on our native roots Indian Givers, and Native Roots, how the Indians enriched America. I would also encourage people to read Albion's Seed, Four British Folkways In America, and Born Fighting, How the Scots Irish shaped America, by James Webb, now Democrat Senator from Virginia. The Ulster Scots, The Jacksonians, the so called Reagan Democrats. Or as our President likes to refer to them: The Bitter gun clinging, bible hugging, stranger avoiders GRIN.

Currently the progressive wing of the Democrat Party is encouraging our President, to ram through legislation, that the majority of Americans are rejecting. Health Care Insurance Reform, that includes a public option, despite the inevitable political fall out. They are encouraging the President to Jump. Thousands of years before the horse was introduced to the American Indian, there was an old practice of stampeding buffalo over a cliff "Buffalo Jump" There would be Indians waiting at the bottom of the cliff, ready to kill the buffalo that survived. The Indians didn't waste any of the buffalo, they used the buffalo up in it's entirety. Anyone who has studied American History knows the buffalo was hunted almost to extinction. The progressives appear to be trying to stampede the entire Democrat Party over a political cliff, and those who survive the fall, will be politically crippled.

There is an election coming up in 2 November 2010. Will the American people be looking for political scalps? The progressives, have been calling average American citizens, mobs, Un-American, evil mongers, domestic terrorist, wing nuts, teabaggers, right wingers, loons, compared them to kkk rallies ect....Do they really think this endears them to the American electorate? A New York Representative actually stated, it was beneath her dignity to hold a town hall meeting. The G20 is getting ready to meet in Pittsburgh, starting September 22nd. The anarchist are already making their protest plans. I am very interested to see how the Mainstream Media characterizes these protesters, in comparison to town hall protesters - made up of Average Americans. The President is attending, surely if these anarchist are protesting, we can expect the same kind of labeling and name calling of these protesters. "Of Course We All Know Dissent Is Patriotic" The progressives are deficient in American History, and Geography. Silent Majority does not equal Tame Majority.

Welcome To The Jungle
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