Monday, October 19, 2009

8 + 8 = Octostupidity & George Stephanopoulus, Runs The White House Gauntlet

Octopus of Death
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What is it about Jon Gosselin that attracts the super fertile types to him? He is divorcing his wife who he has 8 children with. Now Octomom wants a piece of him? Only thing stopping her is that she doesn't think a single mom of 8 "young" children should date. She is leaving the option open for when the kids are older. Come on could get another deal for a Reality TV show....I'm sure there will be more weird super fertile women, for your franchise, when your time runs out with Octomom

Tony Powell "Imus In The Morning" commented this morning, on this very topic. I really wish I could link to his segment it was really funny.

White House Urges Other Networks to Disregard Fox News

George Stephanopoulos, was also a guest this morning, on Imus In The Morning, he must have run the White House gauntlet, and concertina wire. He appeared this morning with Imus on Fox Business News. You Can listen to Mr Stephanopoulus, this morning on, Imus in the Morning HERE.

The White House's ongoing boycott of Fox News Network, has produced a casualty. One loyal Imus' guest, Lou Dobbs got caught in the crossfire, no CNN pun intend. What is better than an appearance by Lou Dobbs, on Imus in the Morning? The predictable hazing of said Lou Dobbs by Imus in the Morning, for canceling on Imus.

You can listen to today's show here on "The Official Imus In The Morning Website"

Fox Business News, dodging the White House fire.

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