Friday, October 9, 2009

Alabama (Tide) #3 Vs Ole Miss (Rebels)

The Other McCain, Has Been Blogging About How To Get A Million Hits: Menu-ized & Rule #5 (SEE ABOVE) Which Seems To Be One Of The Important Rules. I figured this out, when I started blogging last January My First Post. I know Men like to doodle. The Other McCain, not afraid to venture into, bitter gun clinging, bible hugging, stranger avoider country ;)

Vote Fraud in Clay County and the Hanged Census Worker.

Clay County History, and Genealogy HERE.

Kentucky Kinfolk Hoskins Cousins. Find A Grave, Survey of the Hoskins Family Cemetery of Clay Co.,Ky. There are many Hoskins Family Cemeteries in SE Kentucky. My Hoskins Cousins Family Cemetery is in Bell Co.,Ky. We All, Have A Common Ancestor.

The Other Story I Have Been Following, Is The Strange Goings On, in Hardin, Montana.

American Police Force pulls out of Hardin jail project

Odd Goings On, In Backwater America.

Also, I know Keyboard Jockey, looks like it is gender specific, but I'm not one of the guys.

This weekend Alabama Crimson Tide (#3) Vs Ole Miss Rebels


UPDATE: Alabama slowly dismantles Ole Miss, wins 22-3

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