Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Call Of The Shadow Wolves

GovernmentSecurityNews, CBP 'Shadow Wolves' go Hollywood

Published August 3rd, 2009

A little-known U.S. Customs and Border Protection patrol unit, comprised of Native American trackers who are based on the Tohono-O'odham Reservation, in southern Arizona, is about to get the big-screen Hollywood treatment.

The unit is known as the Shadow Wolves, and the film based on their exploits, Call of the Shadow Wolves, is in pre-production, with an October start date scheduled on location in Arizona.

Documentary filmmaker Brian Kosisky is set to direct the story of "their work with a CIA agent to prevent an impending terrorist attack," according to a statement from his production company, Kos Films.

As the company statement puts it, the Shadow Wolves are "considered the best trackers of human beings in the world" and have "come face-to-face and captured some of the most notorious drug smugglers to enter the U.S."

"Most people know very little about The Shadow Wolves," said Kosisky in the statement. "This is a tremendous opportunity for a storyteller to create a present-day Western where Native Americans are the heroes." KEEP READING HERE.

I have blogged about these modern day American Indian Trackers before "Shadow Wolves In The Hunt"

Award-winning filmmaker Brian Kosisky makes his feature directorial debut with CALL OF THE
SHADOW WOLVES, which is preparing for production in Arizona. The film centers on an elite
force of Native American “Shadow Wolf” operatives and a story of their work with an FBI agent
to prevent an impending terrorist attack. Kosisky was most recently honored with the 2008
Gracie Award for his PBS film, “Breaking the Curse.”

Kos Films has announced that CALL OF THE SHADOW WOLVES will start shooting in southern Arizona beginning in October 2009. Award-winning filmmaker Brian Kosisky is set to direct the film. Keep Reading HERE or click on Graphic Above.

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