Friday, October 2, 2009

Cousin Augie, Has Taken The High Road

Above photo from the Missoulian, you can click it on to read the article.

This is a link to Augie's Boxing Record HERE. Augie is listed as a middle weight on his boxing record. I looked up James J Braddock "Cinderella Man" He fought as a heavy weight. Both of them were fighting during the Depression, and sometimes in the North East. I wonder if Augie ever met James J Braddock? This is a link to James J Braddock aka Cinderella Man's Record HERE.

August Fleischhauer "Lover & Fighter"

Augie was born 28 June 1919, in New York City, New York. He grew up in the Bronx, working in his families delicatessen with his brother William. Augie spent his youth developing his skills as a boxer at Stillman's Gym, and eventually progressed to the level of world- class welter weight fighter. He fought all over the East Coast including fights at Madison Square Garden. He continued his boxing career in the military, and served honorably in WWII in the Pacific.
It was during his service in Hawaii when he met his wife Clara. Upon their return to the states they settled in her home state of Montana. Over the next 61 years, they loved each other, and lived a beautiful life together until her death in 2006.

Clara McFarland my Grandmother's niece. I am my families, family historian, and I have become the repository of our family history. The last time I checked, the Fleischhauers, had the McFarland Family Bible. I can trace the family bible back to Benton, Daviess Co.,Missouri, where Ambrose McFarland, my Great Grandfather was living with his maternal Grandparents 1880. My mom used to tease Augie about being from NYC., a city slicker.....he adapted very well to Mountain life. God Bless You Augie. I wish I could find some of his old boxing clippings or fight announcements.

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