Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Haugan, Montana - World Famous 50,000 Silver Dollar Bar

Roadside Haugan,Mt Famous 10,000 Silver Dollar Bar.

Well-promoted by signs in the region. Started in 1952 by Gerry and Marie Lincoln. Largest collection of its kind. The silver dollars have been left by people from all over the world. 2,500 are embedded in the bar top, and the remainder are mounted about the room, on the ceiling, walls, etc.

When I was a kid, we would go on trips, and we must have stopped at every roadside amusement, historic marker, roadside zoo, petrified forest, the Columbia river basin. I have a memory of going on a stage coach ride with my Mom, and friends as a child it was bumpy, and the stage coach got attacked for effect. There is a place in Montana, where you can pan for gold, another where you can rock hunt for semi precious stones. My older sister is a rock hound. I still remember the year, our brother gave her a latrine shovel, and a pick axe for Christmas, she was so happy. I have been to ghost towns, Garnet, Virginia City, Butte ;) I took a trolley tour of Butte, Montana. I saw the Copper King's mansion. I passed by the home that the IRS repo'd from Evil Knievel. I have been up close to the Pit, Banack Gold to Ghost. I never did make it to Banack first capitol of Montana.

We stopped at a few Silver Dollar Bars, when we were kids, our Dad had our names put on silver dollars, and inlaid.

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