Monday, October 26, 2009

Life, The Basics - Keep Moving

There are some simple basic principles to Life. If you are not moving toward something, you are moving away from it. If you are standing still, you're making yourself too easy a target.

Pedestrians, you know who you are. You are bipedal by design not by accident. You are the ones on the corner, waiting on the traffic light to change, pushing a button, that isn't connected to anything. It was put there, to give you the illusion of control, and something to do while you wait for the light to change GRIN.

There are also a type of people, who are called pedestrian thinkers. Tomorrow Imus's guest are Bill Maher and Christopher Hitchens "Heathen Tuesday" I thought, I would go check out what's going on over at Darwin Central, corrupting the worlds youth since 1859. This was in the comment section
, Avoid pedestrian thinking. Think equestrian. And leave a lot of horseshit in your wake.

If at least Christopher Hitchens, doesn't bring up pedestrian thinking on the part of the religious, the true believers. I am going to be very disappointed, it is a U.S. vs U.K. thing. Pedestrian in the U.K. means slow or common, ordinary. In America it means 5 points on your drivers license if you hit one ;)

Friedrich Nietzsche said, All truly great thoughts are conceived by walking. He also said God is Dead. What did Nietzsche mean, we killed him? I was raised Roman Catholic, I can tell you about the rituals. Christianity like other religions has movements and waves - highs and lows. There was a time when Mass was only recited in Latin. Just ask Mel Gibson. What do I think Nietzsche meant, he meant that the God of Abraham, had been displaced by Jesus Christ, in our consciousness in our psyches. God is Dead, we replaced him, we killed him.

As far as Hitchens and Maher are concerned, what are they atheist missionaries? If there is no God, what do they care what other people believe?

I do believe in the (D)ivine, I do believe, we are more than what we consume for sustenance . "You Are What You Eat"

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