Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Mr Cavuto, Where's The Coffee?

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I am really enjoying having my mornings back to normal. Imus In The Morning debuted on Fox Business Channel, Monday - October 5th, or as I like to imagine Neil Cavuto, writing in his Diary. "Dear Diary it's day 6 of my captivity" Imus says he's satisfied, the coffees hot. Glenn Beck confided in me this morning, the real reason he cries, is because he is in Imus's power rotation. Why does Imus keep asking me about my parking spot? UPDATE: Neil Cavuto, Dear Diary Day 7 or star date unknown...Imus just told me Rob needs 2 dressing rooms, one for Larry King, and one for former President Bill Clinton. Hold on, I didn't just fall off the Ho Hos Truck, I've seen Larry King interview Bill Clinton. GRIN.

(We're Not Happy Till You're Not Happy ;)

Here is the thing I noticed right off, not that I want to nit pic or anything. I have noticed this other morning program has this coffee sponsor ah "Mourning Something Or Another" is proud to be sponsored by Starbucks, the main caffeine pusher for the Greater North West or something like that. Am I the only one who notices, Imus In The Morning, doesn't have a coffee sponsor or at least a coffee maker sponsor? Sigh... maybe Craig Crawford, will bring this up when he comes on the program this week. Neil Cavuto, knows that coffee is for closers right?

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The Official Imus In The Morning Website HERE.

I enjoyed the Carl Jeffers interview this morning, some I- Fans were concerned the regular guest rotation might not stay the same, when the Program moved to a new network. You can catch some of Imus's Interviews on Fox Business Channel HERE, if you missed them this morning. Maybe you slept in or you couldn't focus so you missed the program, due to lack of coffee....cough, cough.

Joseph Planta, from Vancouver, British Columbia, interviewed Professor Michael Awkward, about his recently released book "Burying Don Imus, Anatomy Of A Scapegoat" you can listen to the interview on Mr Planta's website: The Commentary HERE. I listened to these two - long time Imus In The Morning Fans, and could really relate. Maybe someday there will be a study conducted on why Imus Fans are so loyal, maybe when they study us, they will be serving us coffee. Just Sayin.....

Somethings gotta turn out right.....

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