Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Over & Over Again, Nature Points Out The Folly Of Man

This is a Harbor Seal, you can find them all over the Puget Sound Area.
Northwest sea lions teach humans the folly of fighting Mother Nature,
Seattle Times, by Craig Welch, Originally published September 7, 2008 at 12:00 A.M.

Sea lions chase after salmon entering fish ladders at the Bonneville Dam on the Columbia River. The dam has become the latest battleground in an ongoing war of wits between humans and hungry sea lions pushing farther upriver in search of food.

A Fish Ladder to a Harbor Seal, is like us going to the drive through at McDonalds for fast food. If you don't have to work, exert much effort for your food why would you?

What do Harbor Seals, and Afghan Poppy Farmers have in common?

SHIFT IN AFGHAN ANTIDRUG POLICY DRAWS MIXED REACTION Abubaker Saddique 7/11/09 A EurasiaNet Partner Post from RFE/RL

Richard Holbrooke, the U.S. special envoy for Afghanistan and Pakistan, announced the policy shift during a June 27 G-8 conference on stabilizing Afghanistan.

"The Western policies against the opium crop, the poppy crop, have been a failure," Holbrooke said. "They did not result in any damage to the Taliban, but they put farmers out of work and they alienated people, and drove people into the arms of the Taliban.

Holbrooke continued: "So I need to stress this: The poppy farmer is not our enemy, the Taliban are, and to destroy the crops is not an effective policy. And the U.S. has wasted hundreds and hundreds of millions of dollars on this program and that is going to end. We are not going to support crop eradication." Keep reading EURASIA INSIGHT.

If you were a Poppy Farmer, and you could make more money for less effort, growing poppies would you? This does remind me of the transplantation of Kudzu into the U.S. from Japan, because someone found the plant attractive, but the geography - climate had a different effect on how Kudzu grew in the U.S., but Kudzu eradication is another post ;) We need to be careful about what we are importing, and exporting, our culture, our morals, and our problem solving skills. Usually when we solve one problem, we end up creating another. Over And Over Again, Nature Points Out The Folly Of Man.

Mr Holbrooke's argument, is to target - get rid of the Drug Traffickers. First lets look at the Nature Cycle. If the Poppy Farms are the Host, and the Drug Traffickers are the Parasite, say a "tick" growing bloated on the Poppy Farmer's crop, wouldn't you want to create the situation in nature to repel the tick aka Drug Trafficker? The Poppy Crop does not contribute any sustenance to the Afghan population, it isn't a food crop. We recognize that the Taliban, and Al Qaeda are getting their funding for their terror campaigns, from the poppy crop. It stands to reason this is the cycle we need to disrupt. How do you rid yourselves of the parasite without killing the host?

I have zero interest in nation building in Afghanistan. They have zero interest in changing their culture to mirror a western culture, like the U.S.A. What are the best results we could expect? A nation that doesn't threaten us or it's neighbors. I don't see how that is possible with a thriving poppy crop, and drug trade. We might have to go back to the basics of 8 years ago, when we responded to 9/11. The C.I.A. brought in suit cases of money with them into Afghanistan. We bribed the tribal leaders. In Eastern Asia a bribe is defined as a tribute (They Don't Think Like Westerners) we need to stop applying our western morals to their culture. We bombed from the air, I don't know how many jungle gyms were destroyed, and we dropped MREs. Bribes, Bombs, and Food.

It's obvious we're not in Kansas anymore.


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