Thursday, October 22, 2009

The People's Cube, Obama's War On Fox News Becomes A Quagmire

Click On The Graphics Above, To Read the Lastest Truth, On The People's Cube.

If it wasn't for Fox News, and Talk Radio, this "current" Administration, would be such a huge snooze fest, and they know it. White House, send Roger Ailes a Fruit Basket. And for God's Sake Anita Dunn, pick up the Damn phone!! Don't you get how "Performance Art" works? Apparently not. Do they really think Glenn Beck is going to stop, when they have handed him all of this target rich material? Who quotes Mao? No really, think about all the choices, and Dunn picks the Guinness World record holder of mass murders - with a dress code fixation. Glenn Beck was using carrier pigeons on yesterday program. They know it's a only a matter of time before he brings in Western Union, and starts telegraphing the White House....Than there is Morse Code, and the Navy has a flag system....American Indian smoke signals, African Tribal Drums....Oh yes Mr President, the Natives are restless. I love Glenn Beck. I was on my way to the store yesterday, and he came on, and I had to sit down and watch. You just can't look away.


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