Sunday, October 18, 2009

Sunday Morning Ponderings - I Have These Questions

I have questions that the media, new or old, don't ever seem to answer.

Why hasn't Tony Rezko been sentenced?

When does Governor Rod Blagojevich's trial start?

What part does the Supreme Court have - in the so called health insurance reform bill?

If the first stimulus bill passed, and didn't work, why would our government pass a second?

Why is the Department of Homeland Security, making it more difficult for law enforcement in Arizona, to protect their citizens, and by extension the rest of Americans. Do people in our government realize, once people cross over into our Sovereign Country, that there are no border checks at state level? People entering illegally, can move about inside the contiguous United States at will.

ACORN is an umbrella group, for many more smaller organizations, has anyone checked to see if TAXPAYER MONEY is still following into those organizations?

What is the level of corruption today in Washington D.C.? Has anyone done an audit? When I use the term corruption, I don't mean politicians or elected officials personal lives - scandals. Unless TAX PAYER MONEY was involved.

To what extent are foreign countries meddling in our domestic politics? Now and in the recent past.

What if anything is being done to shore up the value of the dollar?

What if anything is being done about job creation in the private sector?

Why can't a viable 3rd Party be formed in this Country? Why should Independents like myself, be left with only two bad choices?

Why do I have to get most of the answers to my questions answered from - The Daily Show or South Park on Comedy Central?


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