Friday, October 23, 2009

Take This Tune, Stars in Alabama

Jamey Johnson, Stars In Alabama -Take This Tune.

Cowboy lyrics dot com, Jamey Johnson, Stars In Alabama.

I said, “Mama don’t you worry, I’m getting by just fine out on the road.
Yeah, tonight we played in Knoxville and tomorrow night its back to Music Row.
No, I don’t know when I’m coming home, Montgomery seems so very far away”.
She said, “Boy, it wouldn’t kill you none to look out past the bright lights on that stage.

Cause God put stars in Alabama. You just can’t find in Tennessee.
The same ones are waiting on you. That taught you how to dream.
I know there’s big names up in Nashville. And you’ll be one before too long.
But God put stars in Alabama. To help you find your way back home.”

The Lost Highway
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