Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Obama Administration "Don't Know Much About History"

The Nanking Nightmare,
By Richard Schickel Friday, Jan.04,2008. Time Magazine.

In the early winter of 1937, Japanese troops, having conquered Shanghai, moved on to envelop Nanking, then the capital of China. After a furious aerial bombardment, they entered the city virtually without opposition. By this time most of its wealthier residents had fled, leaving the city to the poor and to the remnants of the Chinese army. There followed what is probably the most horrific single occurrence in the history of modern warfare, the "rape of Nanking," as it quickly came to be known. Over the course of the next few months the Japanese army essentially became an ungovernable mob, and before some semblance of order was restored, an estimated 200,000 Chinese were killed and 20,000 women were brutally raped.
My father fought in the Pacific during WWII, my husband is of Korean descent, his paternal grandparents, were both immigrants from Korea (I am very aware of the Japanese occupation of Korea.) I read this: President's response, to those who were outraged over his deep BOW to the emperor of Japan SEE Figure Head. #Hat Tip Allahpundit, HOT AIR, The President is "Speechless" over uproar about him bowing to elderly man. What this present U.S. administration, doesn't know about Geography, World & American History is Stunning. The idea that his posture toward the emperor of Japan, would be viewed as him showing respect to an elderly man, is showing stunning ignorance, on the world stage. Besides the countless veterans in America, and our WWII allies, who fought the Japanese during WWII, and their families and friends, who were insulted. Who did the current President of the U.S. think he was honoring with his posture? The Chinese? The Koreans? I'm not objective, given my father and my husband's military service. I am insulted by this posture of an American, holding the public office of President of the United States, exhibiting what appears to be a thoughtless act, that he didn't really give much thought to. Great, we have someone on the world stage representing us, that doesn't understand "International" relations and protocol.

Douglas Brinkley responds to James Bradley's assertion, that President Theodore Roosevelt, was responsible for encouraging Japanese expansionism.

Fox Business Network, Imus In The Morning, James Bradley responds to Dr Douglas Brinkley's critique of his book "The Imperial Cruise".

Those Who Don't Learn From History Are Doomed To Repeat History"
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