Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Afghanistan "America Gets Ready To Ante Up"

UPDATE: Good To See Someone Is Focusing On Purpose Of Afghanistan Mission.

Neil Cavuto's guest on "Your World" Lawrence Eagleburger. Mr Eagleburger Quote: Afghanistan isn't a country it's a collection of tribes. Mr Eagleburger, in so many words said, that success depends on the mission. If the troop build up is to hunt the "bad actors" one could see some success in that endeavor. On the other hand if the troop build up is to create stability in the region, it couldn't be accomplished if we doubled the amount of our troops, and our allies troops. That would be around 400 - 500 thousand troops in Afghanistan, and that couldn't accomplish that feat, I agree. Imus was discussing the very same topic with his guest this morning Carl Jeffers. Imus tells Carl Jeffers, he believes it would take 500,000.00 troops to fix Afghanistan.

Imus in the Morning
- Fox Business News

Craig Crawford another I Fav, has an opinion on the troop build up "Obama's Afghan Folly" I am leaning toward the Craig Crawford opinion, on the Afghan troop build up. I don't think the Afghan War should be politicized. If the mission is to defeat the enemy, I am "All In" but if we are going in to Nation Build, I think it's a waste of American's lives. How much of our Blood do we sacrifice to defeat the masterminds of the 9/11 slaughter?

Afghanistan "Abandon All Hope Ye Who Enter Here"

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