Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Boss Lays It Down "Cause Tramps Like Us, Baby We Were Born To Run"

December 5th I went to a friends to have a birthday party for my husband....towards the end of the night someone puts on the video of the rock and roll hall of fame show....which is airing on HBO.....They had a 60 inch flat screen TV surround sound and High was like being at the concert....I watched many great performances....saw a lot of artists that now look ancient....and that made me feel old....Then it got to Bruce Springsteen....I wouldn't ever say I have been a fan of his....I never disliked his music, just never made a point of searching it out, and listening to it....After the performance of that night tho...I have discovered why he is "The Boss" ....He showed more energy then any other performers....was smiling laughing and having fun...and stole the show...Usually singing with his gruff voice, he sang, a New York State of Mind with Billy Joel...and showed his range....and man can he sing....I recommend his music and definitely his performance on this show as must watch and listen to....others sang with various artists and they were nice and cool to see....but Bruce made everyone he sang with rock stars all over again it was great, great experience.

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