Sunday, December 6, 2009

Rep Thaddeus McCotter, Weighs In On Hopenhagen Summit

The Planets Gotta Fever - Only Hope N Change Can Cure. LOL! Please Pardon Me While I Beat A Dead Horse ;) Climategate, brought to you by the good people who brought you the Oil for Food Fraud.

Rep Thaddeus McCotter, appearing on Fox News Red Eye, weighs in on the hacked emails that resulted in "Climategate" Rep McCotter, what are these empirical facts you speak of?

Thaddeus McCotter: Greg imagine if you were in a peninsula around a 1,000 B.C. or so earlier, and your name is Tor, and you were out hunting mastodon. And you didn't notice the glaciers were melting around you, and leaving the devastating flooding in it's wake, that became the Great Lakes, and the state of Michigan. So I think that what we have to do is go back in history, and realize, the earth has been here for a long time. That to take selective periods of time, and say that man made global warming is occurring is absolutely wrong. We have to look at the different periods in history. We have to look at the different effects. Then we have to have direct empirical data to Correlate between man's activity, and the effects on the planet. And that has yet to be proven, and I highly doubt it is going to be anytime soon.

UPDATE: Sweetness & Light "UN: CRU Emails Won't Stop Shakedown"

UPDATE: Newsbusters "Climategate Professor Calls Global Warming Skeptic Asshole On Live TV"

UPDATE: American Thinker "Understanding Climategate's Hidden Decline"

UPDATE: "UN Climate Chief Hacked E-Mails Are Damaging" Spinning out of their control.

Unfortunate Medieval Global Warming Period
unfortunate medieval global warming

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