Friday, December 4, 2009

TGIF Circus Life, Yes Virginia, There Is A Santa Claus

The atheist keep claiming there is no God - So no need for us to celebrate Christmas right? But look, we have hacked emails exposing the biggest hoax of the century Climategate. We have the superficial behavior of the current administration's Desiree Rogers, failed checking guest in at the White House. The party's over folks. And we have this now infamous cover of the President playing golf, while we suffer the worse unemployment numbers in 26 years. The cover of "Golf Digest" the biggest sport celebrity fall from grace " Tiger Woods" super imposed behind the President golfing. Tiger Woods giving the President tips. Wow Santa's helpers have really been busy.

Santa came early this year ;) Why do I, claim all of these things are presents? We - Americans are a superficial uninformed lot of people. We pay attention to the Glitz but ignore the Substance. The majority of Americans couldn't tell you the name of the Vice President of the United States. Of course they are all gifts. Climategates whole purpose is to put a surtax on human beings for existing - breathing. Crashergate - pointed out national security weaknesses at the White House. Besides the first family, they had visiting heads of state from India. Who wants an international incident at the White House? Tiger Woods, being used as a prop or the President of the United States, being used as a marketing gimmick for a Golf Magazine to sell copies? If that isn't lame and cheap, and now exposed for what it is, extreme superficiality. Does Golf Digest, think that all of the out of work Americans, want to be reading how the President is golfing with a "Golf Celebrity" while they are suffering? Will Americans go back to their core values and morals?

Who hacked the email accounts of the folks, who were perpetrating the global climate hoax? (Who Is An Expert On the Arctic?) Barbara Boxer, wants an investigation into email theft. I want to pin a medal on their chest. Were they Chinese hackers? Perhaps Russian hackers? Could we dare hope, they were American hackers? They're heroes to me. I suppose, I shouldn't be surprised that the same people who perpetrate hoaxes, like man made global warming are also anti Santa Claus. The Grinch-es, who keep trying to steal our money (Cap & Trade) and ruin our holiday traditions.

Marines Toys For Tots HERE & The Salvation Army HERE.

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