Monday, January 18, 2010

77WABC & Imus In The Morning, Radio Contest "Your Top 5 Tunes"

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You've heard the buzz about the I-man's latest brainchild, asking his A-list guests and members of the I-crew to name their 5 favorite songs, with the I-Man joining in the action with his own musical critique. Daily News columnist David Hinckley wrote in his column, "It's a great idea and good addition".

WABC (770 AM) morning man Imus has been asking his guests to tell him their five favorite songs. It's a great idea, and a good addition to their five favorite books. Imus suggests, accurately, that people are sometimes more truthful about songs they like than books they've read. ...

All you have to do is enter your 5 favorite songs with the artist's name right here over the next 2 weeks and a winner will be chosen by Imus for best song selection! Your songs will be played on the air and you’ll be invited for a tour of the FOX studios with the opportunity to watch the show live, AND... you'll be presented with a check for $2,500 from our sponsor, Sunrise Detox!!

Click On The Graphic Above Or Go HERE To Enter The Top 5 Songs Contest.

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