Wednesday, January 13, 2010

From The Northern Neck Of Virginia 20 December 2009

I am sending a picture of my lighted outside Xmas tree taken during the middle of our snow storm. From Darlene, In The Northern Neck Of Virginia.

From my fellow Maryland Fairfax Family Researcher, and cousin, Darlene. We are related through brothers. Mine: Hezekiah Fairfax born circa 1755, Charles County Maryland, and his younger half brother William Fairfax II born circa 1766/69, Charles County Maryland. They were both sons of William Fairfax Sr., and his wives Benedicta Blancett, and Elizabeth Buckner. Actually, we have found where we are also related through Calverts. Humphrey Calvert Sr., father of Constant (Calvert) Cornwell, and I through his elder brother Obediah Calvert Sr., both of Prince William Co.,Va., near Occoquan our old Virginy Home SMILE.

We do have a famous cousin, who fought for the South during the Civil War. He was the Grandson of Johnathan Fairfax, the eldest brother of Hezekiah & William Fairfax II. John Walter Fairfax son of Capt Henry Fairfax (War of 1812 Title) and brother of Martha Lindsey (Fairfax) Robertson. I have corresponded with the historical actress who plays Martha. Martha Lindsey Fairfax, married Thomas Bolling Robertson a descendant of Pocahontas. According to the linked post John Walter Fairfax was a descendant of Lord Fairfax. That's not true, the Maryland Fairfaxs worked for George Washington, who's first job was given to him by the then Lord Thomas Fairfax, proprietor of the Northern Neck Of Virginia. George A Washington was hired as a surveyor. The Virginia Fairfax Family & The Maryland Fairfax referred to each other as cousin, that is a familiar Southern custom. The Virginia Family Held the title Lord Cameron, their manor was Leeds Castle. The Maryland Fairfax branch, goes back to Viscount Thomas Fairfax of Emley, their manor was Gilling Castle. The Maryland Fairfax family were Catholics, and came into Maryland early. The Calverts, The Lord Baltimores, established Maryland as a place where Catholics could worship freely.

The Dave Mathews Band, Is One Of My Favorite Bands, They Hail From Charlotte, Virginia.

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