Friday, January 29, 2010

Imus, Harold Ford Jr. "Is A Gutless Weasel"

I Have Really Been Enjoying The Harold Ford Jr., Updates On Imus In The Morning.

New York Times Columnist, Frank Rich, I Thought Harold Ford Jr., Was An I Fav? Thank You Frank Rich - For Lighting That Candle.

Stephen Colbert, Money Quote "Any Alpha Dog Can Hump Your Leg.....But What Really Puts Harold Ford At The Head Of The Butt Sniffing Chain - Is That He Isn't Pulling This Reversal In Clustermunch, Iowa." Some Where Papa Bear Is Smiling.

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Faces of America, Henry Louis Gates Jr, February 10th, Stephen Colbert is one of the Famous 'Faces' explored. The Calvert Family Surname DNA project also covers variant spellings like Colbert. We would welcome Stephen Colbert's participation in our family DNA project. Read More HERE About "Famous Faces Explored" Airing On PBS.

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