Thursday, January 21, 2010

Monica Crowley I Fav "On The Return Of The Prodigal Son"

CROWLEY: The Return Of 42
Clinton counsel might prove counterproductive
By Monica Crowley, Washington Times

Bubba is back. After lying low during President Obama's first year in order to reassure the worrywarts (like his wife) that he wouldn't cause a ruckus or be an attention hog, former President Bill Clinton is back on the scene. He parachuted into the Massachusetts Senate race to campaign for the hapless Democratic state Attorney General Martha Coakley and joined forces with former President George W. Bush to coordinate aid for earthquake-shattered Haiti.

But two weeks ago, Mr. Clinton also did something else: He attended a hastily arranged private tete-a-tete with Mr. Obama.

No good can come of this.

"Imus In The Morning" Fox Business Network Videos HERE. You Can Watch Monica Crowley On Fox Business News "Monica Crowley On The Scott Brown Win In Massachusetts: No Democrat Is Safe"

Former President Bill Clinton, advised the House Democrats, in order to sell the Democrat's health care insurance reform bill to the American People to:

"Put the corn where the hogs can get it"


The Prodigal Son would know something about feeding hogs.

As far as Bubba goes, people forget Bill Clinton is a Hillbilly, and we do enjoy a colorful turn of phrase. Now Hillbillies are known for long drawn out protracted feuds, you know grudge holders...SEE Hatfield & McCoys.

What did the Obama campaign do, when they were running against Bubba's wife for the highest office in the land? They insinuated that Bill Clinton was a racist...that had to have stuck in his craw. I know, I thought it was pretty low, and I didn't even support Hillary Clinton's campaign. It comes down to how Big is Bill Clinton's EGO? No one knows but it must be HUGE ;)

If I was President Obama, being offered advice from any Clinton, I would be cautious......remember that old saying about, casting pearls before swine.....Just saying, Bill Clinton knows exactly what shoving this abomination, called health care insurance reform - in it's present form, down the American people's throats, will do to The Obama LEGACY.

Pearls before swine refers to a quotation from the discourse on holiness, a section of Jesus Christ's Sermon on the Mount, implying that things should not be put in front of people who don't appreciate their value.

Please Don't Judas Me
Please don't number me
Don't betray my trusted promise
Please don't anger me

I find it hard to bear no malice
Don't frustrate me, manipulate me
Please don't Judas me

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