Thursday, January 28, 2010

President Addresses The Nation "There's Seventy Minutes I Can Never Get Back"

Yeah, I'm just not feeling it.

My husband, and I turned on the State Of The Union Address, last night because of the non stop hype from our news media. The President is going to speak, he's going to give a speech. This is news? We tune in, and the first thing that starts happening - The Speaker Of The House - Nancy Pelosi, starts popping up, and down in her seat. Now, I am no Nancy Pelosi fan. Our views on the Republic, don't overlap anywhere, there is nothing but daylight, and air between how the Speaker views this country, and how I view this country. But there she is popping up, and down, up and down, and I keep thinking, don't let Grandma fall, and break a hip. My husband points out to me, that Joe Biden's head keeps bobbing, every time the President speaks. My husband says to me, look, Joe Biden's turned into a bobble head doll. It was difficult to focus on what the President was saying, but while I was listening to him, something popped into my head, that really never crosses my mind "This is soo... boring, this must be what's it's like to be on a date with your own brother"

You're thinking to yourself maybe ten minutes into the date, he's there to hit you up for another loan, yep he's after the "Thirty Billion Of Tarp Money" that has somehow miraculously been repaid to the American Tax Payers. He wants to spend it on? I'm not really sure because ...Grandma starts clapping like a circus seal. What's his pitch, he's gonna start budgeting next year 2011...The infamous Wimpy proposal "Cook me up a hamburger. I will gladly pay you Thursday."

Right now, I can tell the President, no one is very excited about his budgeting skills. Take his Valentine's Day Date with his wife last year, and how much it cost. Imagine if the cost of that Valentine's Day Date last year 2009, had been spent on say "Shelter Boxes" for homeless Haitians this year.The President, and First Lady, could Share Their Love, and LEAD by example.

The bottom line is the President's poll numbers are dropping, and he needs a bump. Besides the above suggestion. The common sense solutions, he was instructing the legislature to employ on behalf of the American people. I know one action he could take, that would cause his poll numbers to go up Dramatically.

After our President responded to the Heartbreaking Disaster in Haiti. Hugo Chavez was heard to have this to say:

Hugo Chavez, in his statements about America's earthquake relief, called for Obama to send doctors, not troops. Chavez who is a hero of the left in this country called Obama's name in the statement and said " Obama! you need to send doctors and food,boy! not military with guns! They have enough guns there now Boy!."

Note to: Maureen Dowd, no imagination required, Chavez called our President Boy, he is on the record. Although digressing a bit, I was scanning the chamber last night, during the President's address, for Joe Wilson, just hoping he would shout out anything or maybe start a wave - every time the President mentioned, evil lobbyist .

So here is what the President needs to do, He needs to call up the Bird Lover, to our south, and request, no tell Chavez, and his parrot, to meet him on the Tarmac, for whatever passes for an Airport down there in Venezuela. When Hugo goes to greet him, and give him a hug, the President bitch slaps him, points his finger in his face, and gives him the look, he reserves for Joe Biden. Then turn around, get back on Air Force One, and come home. The President's poll numbers will shoot up.

The President wrapped up his speech with these words last night "Don't Give Up, I Won't Give Up" that sounded really familiar. And I think, I know what the President's ring tone is now.

Uh Huh, I don't care what Bill Clinton told, advised the President, about relating to bitter, gun clinging, bible hugging, stranger avoiders. I'm not going to slow dance with my own brother! Why didn't the President just close with his usual parting gesture? not that one, I mean this one "Live Long And Prosper"

And I won't give up if you don't give up
I won't give up if you don't give up
I won't give up if you don't give up
I won't give up if you don't give up

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