Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Winter In The Rockies "Moon River Arabians" Winters Past

Deer, Wild Turkeys, and Moon River Arabian Herd. Moon River Arabians, Clinton, Montana.

Moon River Arabians/ Stan and Laura Slominski

More Moon River Arabians At Moon River Arabians, Specializing in Polish Arabian Horse Breed.

Some History of the Polish Arabian Breed, WWII & General George Patton.

A group of Polish Arabians was evacuated by the United States Army in 1945 and brought to the Kellogg Ranch for the Remount program. By the close of the war, most of Poland's most valuable bloodstock had been lost to Russia, but a small group of horses protected by General Patton was forwarded to the remount station at the Kellogg Ranch. Included in the herd was the stallion *Witez II, one of a triumvirate of young Polish stallions along with the Witraz and Wielki Szlem that had been sired by the promising Ofir in his brief two seasons at stud before the Russians removed him to their state farm at Tersk. Welcome To Arabian Horse. Org, Keep Reading HERE.

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