Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Imus & Matt Taibbi, Really Don't Like David Brooks, Join The Club!

How to turn yourself into Pinhead from Hellraiser. That's an easy one, write articles, like your David Brooks.

Imus's guest this morning Matt Taibbi, discussing David Brooks article about the Haitian, Earthquake. The short of it, they really don't care for David Brooks. There are all kinds of reasons not to like David Brooks. In this recent case, it's David Brooks article on the Haitian, Earthquake, where David Brooks pretty much blames a natural disaster on poor Haitians, for being poor in the first place. An article which I refuse to link to (I'm in a program okay, I don't want to back slide into David Brooks "your mama" jokes) BUT I will link to Matt Taibbi's translation of the article "Translating David Brooks Haiti" True/Slant, and you can watch Mr Taibbi on Imus In The Morning on Fox Business News. Video Below.

Friendly FYI, for the I Man and Matt, there is actually a self help group for people who can't stand David Brooks. Michelle Malkin's Hot Air.

For example, here is a post from Hot Air blogger Allahpundit, January 5, 2010.
David Brooks: What do these tea-party wingnuts have against the educated class?
Allahpundit, revealing to us what the creature David Brooks wrote, and then asking us how we feel about it. Allah: I could go on, but we’re headed for a 500-comment thread here so let’s hop to it.

Okay if you look at the time stamp, it looks like Allah just put this up before dinner, and knew David Brooks is good for some cheap comment baiting :) But the results are the same. A David Brooks post on Hot Air, can usually be counted on for at least one Republican commenter, demanding that David Brooks, stop calling himself a Republican. Followed by comments suggesting what David Brooks should call himself.

Seems to me the genuine anonymity across the blogosphere for David Brooks, may end up being a unifying phenomena. Let the healing begin.

Meanwhile in another part of the blogosphere. The Shinbone Star, January 31, 2010.

How a Bunch of Fish Heads Got Keith Olbermann & Don Imus to Shelter a Village in Haiti

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