Thursday, February 4, 2010

Toyota Silver Lining

Photo below is of Toyota dealership in Kabul, Afghanistan. Toyota is the preferred ride of the Taliban. Toyota has been in the news lately because their autos are reportedly experiencing unintended acceleration of the gas pedal, and now some of their other models report sticking breaks. Recently Transportation Secretary Ray Lahood, first urged Toyota owners to stop driving their vehicles, and take their vehicles into dealerships for repair fix. Mr Lahood, has since backed off that advice. You can read more about it here at Fox Business News.

I can't help but see a sliver lining here, the Taliban, likes to drive Toyota's, and now they have to worry about unintended acceleration and sticking breaks. If they want a fix, they have to bring their vehicles into the dealership to be fixed. I can see it now, what's that in your truck bed Ahmed, a rocket launcher or are you just happy to see me because, you managed to slow down long enough to pull in. This might fall into, the unexpected consequences of human problem solving.

Note: My husband, who's hobby is rebuilding engines, and muscle cars, told me that the problem for Toyota's autos, has to be electronic, and it would involve the cruise control option. That "Shim Thingy" is bogus. The Taliban he said, just enjoys blowing things up way too much, and they need a new hobby.

What are we driving in Afghanistan? Mostly armored vehicles. The photo below is of a Ford Excursion. Click on the photos for enlargement. Notice the Bullet Hole Detailing, you can only get something like that in downtown Kabul, okay or maybe Oakland, California.

I think we might want to think this one through before we problem solve this Toyota boondoggle. Perhaps a PSA by Mr Lahood for the freedom lovers, and another one for the Taliban.

Dear Taliban as far as your Toyota vehicle goes, we've got a shim replacement for your repair fix, and we are going to send a technician to show you where you can stick it. I would like to dedicate this song, to the Taliban "START THE CAR"

Start The Car

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