Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Plums Are Lost In The Past "Clue II"

During the day, traveling eastward, The Colonel and his wife passed through the Cascade Mountains, then pushed on through the high deserts of Central Washington, across the enormous Columbia River.

As they approached the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, The Colonel and America passed through the area named Heart of the Awl, early French Fur Traders (because they found shrewdness in the trading skills of the Pointed Heart/Skitswish Tribe). She thought it was strange that such a savage bunch of male Indians, who beat their wives cruelly, should come from one of the most beautiful places in the world. Out loud America said “I guess environment is not everything." Here the couple rested for the night before their journey took them over the awe inspiring mountain chain.

N47 degrees 40.28 minutes W116 degrees 46.90 minutes

America and the Colonel stayed the night in a log cabin. It is one of a set that looks like and probably is the 1950’s roadside travel lodge. Walking in the door Mrs. Plum found it adorable, pine tree cut outs on the parchment lamp shades, prints of waterfalls on the walls, bears on the light switches, etc. But she sniffed and thought “I should have brought the Fabreze. It’s a little stuffy after having been locked up all winter.” In the morning America got up and told her husband she refused to take a shower in the bathroom. It’s diminutive size; about 4X5 feet didn’t bother her. The chipped and cracked tile floor didn’t matter either. It was the dead, giant red ants lying all over the floor. She said” I don’t care if they have exterminators, just clean up afterwards.” Mrs. Plum felt she wouldn’t be clean, even with a shower, with all of the dead bugs on the floor!

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