Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Plums Are Lost In The Past "The Game" March 31st -May 2nd

"The Plums Are Lost In The Past"
The Game

The Game Begins March 31st & Runs Through May 2nd.

Must Be 18 Years Or Older & A United States Resident.

Synopsis Of The Game: This Game Is A Family History Theme Based Waymarking/Geocaching Game. This Game Will Be Played In Both The Virtual World & In The Physical World.

I Will Post A Photo, The Longitude & Latitude, Along With A Narrative. Players Can Play Online Using Google Earth & There Own Personal Knowledge Of Geography. Players Can Also Play By Physically Locating The "Cache" At The Location Of Where The Photo Is Taken, For Another Point, Using For Example GPS.

I Am Going To Be Using Time Stamps, From The Emails & The Comment Section Of The Posts, On This Blog, To Determine
Who answers First or EACH point, which will determine the winner in case of a tie in points scored. During The Game There Will Be One Significant "Cache" Left That Will Be Worth An Extra Point.

The Reason This Game Has A Beginning & Ending, Unlike Other Geocaching And Waymarking Games, Is Because
We Will Be Awarding A Prize To The Winner - Whoever Collects The Most Points. The First Five Contestants, That Gather The Next Highest Amount Of Points, Get A Certificate For Playing The Game. Anyone Can Start Playing The Game From The Beginning To End. The Winner Is Determined By The Amount Of Points Collected.

I Will Be Using Roman Numerals For The Game's Post - On This Blog. For Example I, II, III, IV, V etc........

Recommendations For Playing,

I Recommend Bookmarking This Blog, You Can Scroll Through Post For The Game's Post Updates, Check The Roman Numerals & The Post Will Also Include The Game's Title "The Plums Lost In The Past".

I Recommend That You Keep An Electronic Or A Regular Paper Notebook, To Keep Track Of Your Progress Playing The Game.

It Would Be Helpful For Commenting In The Blog Post's Comment Section, If You Have A Google ID., This Isn't Mandatory. There Are Many Sign In Options - For Commenting On This Blog, But I Can't Use The Anonymous Sign In Option - For Obvious Reason.

You Can Go Here Click: To Sign Up For A Google Account

You Can Go Here Click To Download: Google Earth

Familiarize Yourself With How To Play Waymarking

Familiarize Yourself With How To Play Geocaching

Wikipedia Waymarking

Wikipedia Geocaching

Some Questions - Already Received:

How Long Are You Going To Leave The Clues Online? - Answer: The Duration Of The Game, The Point Awarded, Is Determined By The Time Stamp, Of The First Right Answer, I Receive Either Through "Email" Or "Comment" Left In The Post Comment Section.

What Is The Last Day They Can Put Up Answers? - Answer: May 2nd Is The Last Day For Answers. The Last Clue Will Be Days Before. We Felt It Was Necessary To Give A Few Days After The Last Clue, For Players To Be Able To Answer.

Will you be putting information on the game up soon? - Answer: Yes, I Will Be Posting About The Game Between Now And When The Game Starts March 31st. You Will Be Able To Scroll Through The Post, On This Blog To Find Information About Playing The Game.

Mrs America Plum, Wanted Me To Remind Everyone Playing, That The Cache Will Always Be Left In A Public Place - Never Private Property. It Will Be In What She Described As An Obvious Location.

Mrs America Plum, Has Already Signed Up For Her Google Account & Has Commented Here.

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