Monday, April 5, 2010

I Fav Bo Dietl - Reading List & Why Not Buy American?

Imus guest and I Fav Bo Dietl, recommends "You Can't Predict A Hero" by author Joseph J Grano Jr.

Bo Dietl commenting on many relevant topics this morning. When the topic of the Pope, and the recent revelations came up, Bo mentions he is Catholic, and his position is, he prays directly to God. KJ: This is the same thing my husband always tells me, he doesn't need a middle man to communicate with his maker.

Bo Dietl also had some consumer advice for anyone who wants to check when they are buying a product if the product is produced in America or China. Turns out the first 3 numbers on the bar code of the product 690, 691, and 692 signify the product comes from China.

You can click on the above graphic to go to Barnes & Noble, to purchase "You Can't Predict A Hero" or you can click HERE.

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