Friday, April 16, 2010

Missoula, Montana Tax Day - Tea Party 15 April 2010

Captain Stimulus: There is going to be 5 border stations built in Montana, and they're gonna get 77 Million dollars of the Stimulus fund. " Those border stations, they are very busy some of them get 2 or 3 vehicles a day, and you can imagine if you were to have a car load of Canadian hockey players come in, what kind of havoc they could raise here.
KJ: You're preaching to the choir Captain ;)

The Missoulian, Check out Captain Stimulus, Video HERE.

Hundreds rally against federal spending, health reform, more at Missoula Tax Day protest
By JAMIE KELLY of the Missoulian | Posted: Thursday, April 15, 2010 3:00 pm

Excerpt: A polite crowd basked in the warm sun on Tax Day, as a little red wagon piled full of pocket U.S. and Montana constitutions wound its way through the feet of business owners, real estate agents, UM students and people ages 1 to 90 who crowded the sidewalk.

Among the younger adults in the crowd was 26-year-old Missoula resident Ashlee Lowery, a mother of three who thinks the federal government is endangering future opportunities for her children.

Asked about her reason for attending the rally, Lowery sighed.

"Where to start?" she asked. "They're spending us into the ground" and engaging in corruption while spreading a socialist agenda.

"I almost feel like I need to prepare my family to live off the grid," Lowery said. "I'm scared of being able to keep my family." Keep Reading HERE.

The President said responding to the Tea Party protest around the country "You Should Thank Me For Cutting Taxes"

A Montana native has his own position, on the President's excess of his largess, toward the taxpaying American citizens of this country.

"We will not be bought with our own money!" said Rick Jore through a bullhorn. Jore, a former state representative, is a businessman and resident of Ronan."

KJ: "Our Own Money" what a concept.

This is video from the Tea Party held yesterday 15 April 2010 in Missoula, HERE.

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