Friday, April 2, 2010

The Plums Are Lost In The Past " Clue III "

N45 degrees 39.582 minutes W111 degrees 02.693 minutes

As Mr. and Mrs. Plum went up the Western slope of the Rocky Mountains, they found snow covering the ground. It was 28 degrees with ice on the road. America was wondering what else could make this part of the trip any rougher, when they hit 20 miles of dense fog. That made a rough journey up to and across the Continental Divide.

They were passing from the border of one state into the next when they saw 2 elk. Mr. Plum said “stop”, Mrs. Plum did, right in the middle of the road, good thing there wasn’t any traffic at that time of morning. The Colonel got 2 great photos of them.

When they stopped for lunch she mentioned that the people have no accent, so they are sure the trip will have to go a lot further to find people who have an accent as strong as Mr. Plum's. If he pronounces the word sawr, it sounds like saw to his wife's ears. By mid afternoon on that chilly, bleak day, shadowing Lewis and Clark's journey they will finish crossing the Rockies.

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