Saturday, April 3, 2010

The Plums Are Lost In The Past " Clue IIII "

N 43 degrees 52.55 minutes W 103 degrees 27.659 Minutes

While getting an early start the next day, America and her husband were listening to the radio and the broadcaster announced cloudy skies and strong winds in the forecast. That was not quite the case, when The Plums headed out it was 30 degrees and ice on the highway. Later torrents of rain. Then to America and the Colonel’s surprise, the disc jockey told them hello. They were flabbergasted! Someone in Montana had been following their progress! The next surprise was a buffalo standing in yesterdays snow fall. The Colonel stopped the car as fast as he could and America jumped out to take pictures. She was glad there was snow on the ground. If it had been a warm summer day there rattlesnakes would have been close by. Buffalo and rattlesnakes like the same habitat. Mr. and Mr. Plum head towards the great Yellowstone River. America asked "why is it called the Yellowstone?" The Colonel replied “I don't know why the Little Big Horn is named such?" She had no answer for that either. However, Mrs. Plum was fairly sure of one thing, General Custer did not ask himself these questions as Sitting Bull, Crazy Horse and many other Indian warriors were slaughtering him and his men.

Climbing in altitude almost 1500 feet, they arrived at yet another mountain range. Following the mountain road around and around they reached almost to the top. A great sculptor had carved faces in granite. The Plums silently checked out all the faces on the famous monument, Franklin Delano Roosevelt his 6th cousin, 4 times removed, was NOT there. Just some other 4 past Presidents, they knew the names, it was right on the tip of their tongues.
Noticing shadows overhead, that circle and dipped, circled and dipped; America exclaimed loudly "look at those turkey vultures overhead! Don't they know those stone faces are already dead?" The Colonel says "America, I'm sure they know that! Perhaps it is a carcass of a deer, or mountain goat that lives in this area." They had noticed the hills seem to have plenty of wildlife and many diverse plants. It is much more hospitable than its neighboring state to the North.

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Buffalo Stance - Neneh Cherry

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