Sunday, April 4, 2010

The Plums Are Lost In The Past " Clue V "

Just as America and the Colonel started to repack the car to get on the road again, they found a stowaway sitting in the back passenger seat! It was Marley! One of many teddy bears that America’s Father had collected. After driving part of the day the Plums talked it over and came up with the thought, “He didn’t eat too much, he did get upset about not being allowed to go into the rest room areas and he refused to be put on a leash to use the pet exercise area, but all in all he can travel with us. It would be pricey shipping him back home any way.”

N43 degrees 42.865 minutes W 098 degrees 0.1523 minutes

After leaving the Rocky Mountains and the snow behind, America and the Colonel drove across endless dreary, brown prairie. The road was constantly littered with dead skunk, pheasant or wild billboards. Sometimes the only sign of civilization was the black plastic littering the fences along the highway. Each town advertised tourist traps and 5 cent coffee for your pleasure. Later rest areas started to appear and most seemed to have large, modern abstract, cement teepees. Mr. Plum, tongue in cheek, was wondering how you could possibly stay warm in one of those, It seems at each stop they did make, they met an extreme amount of snowbirds ending their winter migration and heading home. America was a little envious; she knew they had a long way to go before they headed home. The Colonel and his wife stopped in one place to view the strange sites and check out a great antique store!As the Plums headed over the next state line the skunks and pheasants littering the side of the road turned to muskrats, hundreds of the poor things, dead and gone to a better place. A few minutes into the state America decided she needed to “powder her nose” and they stopped at an information/ rest area.

The Colonel and America ended up chatting to a very nice receptionist for a bit of time. America said if she is an example of the people in this state they will be extremely friendly! These flat states seemed to fly under the wheels of the car, going through 3 states in a day. The next one the Plums entered into abounded in windmills and grain silos and trees! However the roads weren’t quite as nice. Mr. Plum drove about 60 miles further and found a city full of windmills. America found a motel with a hot tub and a banana split. It’s fair, no one had eaten supper! They decided it was the place to spend the night. No, no bears allowed in the hot tub either.

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Well, another day, another dollar
After I've sang and hollered
Oh, it's my way of living
And I can't change a thing
Another town is drawing near
Oh, baby, I wish you were here
But the only way I can see you, darlin'
Is in my dreams
It's a highway song
You sing it on and on
On and on

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