Sunday, April 4, 2010

The Plums Are Lost In The Past "Clue " VI "

Heading into the upper region of the next state on their route, the couple made an impromptu potty stop. Tramping off into the woods for privacy, America exclaimed, do moose sh-t in these woods? Mrs. Plum was having a hard time otherwise explaining that large pile of steamy, smelly brown stuff at her feet. She tugged at her husband's arm and cautiously backed them in the direction of their car. Just in time to see the large moose finishing up its breakfast of tender new shoots. Whew, it was time to get back on the road and find a rest area for a less shocking bathroom stop!

N42 degrees 04.402 minutes W 86 degrees 30.433 minutes

The Plums barreling down a 6 lane highway, going 70 miles an hour, found themselves lost. Due to the high concrete side keeping the traffic funneled in, their GPS had lost its signal. Mr. P. was not in good humor, they had been on a one way street going in the wrong direction and wanted no more of that. The Colonel stated “what I need is a compass; you know North, South, and East..." America finished the sentence for him "West". She thought for a minute and dug into the glove box, the kind that contains everything but gloves. She found what she looked for, a small compass they had used to set their satellite dish, or something back home. Mrs. Plum gave it to Mr. Plum and as soon as the sun broke through he had them heading south again. America Plum smiled to herself and thought, "isn't it great to have such an intelligent husband? After leaving the big city, famous for their deep dish pizzas, America and her husband had wanted to check out the miles and miles of cornfields they had heard about. When they arrived there, they found nothing! The corn hadn't been planted yet... Fields and fields of plowed earth were all you could see for miles. The Plums met a nice couple who offered to take their picture on a pier that over looked a vast lake. The lake was so big it resembled an ocean. Thanks to them America and the Colonel will be investigating a neat museum that Marley (the teddy bear) should really enjoy. The Colonel and America also took notice of a nice young man and his computer, where they had dinner. He was so busy on his school work, yet took time to chat about their trip !

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I know how much I lean on you
Only you can see
The changes that I've been through
Have left a mark on me
You've been as constant as a Northern Star
The brightest light that shines
It's been you woman right down the line

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