Friday, April 9, 2010

The Plums Are Lost In The Past " Clue X "

Arriving at the famous falls, Mr. P. dives back into his fragile letters, he thinks he'll have to get copies made; he is wearing them out trying to find any clue for each stop they make. Nothing else seems to jump off their pages, so he tucked them back away. Next they headed off to meet this group of family. What a fountain of information this should be.

What jumped in front of Mrs. Plum’s face was a sign that made her laugh. It was an advertisement for the “Cave of the Winds Tour”, it read “In order to go on the Cave of the Winds Tour you must be at least 42 inches tall”!

It was a short journey to where the Colonel’s 2nd cousin lived. There they met everyone for the first time. In the case of Mr. Plum’s Bavarian 4th cousin’s family, the blood lines seemed purer to Mrs. Plum’s eyes. The mixtures of many nationalities, which so often stream into an American’s blood lines, tend to soften the features of any one distinctive trait. Looking at Conrad, Evelyn, Valentine and Marie America imagined she was seeing strong German genes in this very handsome family.

Colonel Plum’s 2nd cousin’s wife was a surprise to Mrs. Plum. America noticed that Diane looked remarkably like her Aunt Marge who lives on west coast of the USA. How odd to have the husbands meeting together to find and explore their families ties and find this person who’s physical appearance could be associated with her own family.

Mike and the Colonel did not seem to have a lot of physical traits in common, yet something said, yes these men were related. Looking at Colonel Plum he seemed to take more after the English/maternal side of his family while Mike possibly inherited an equal mix of German and Polish genes.

After some great conversation, a great meal and information exchanged Mr. Plum shook his cousin's hand good-bye and said “thank you for old family rediscovered and new friends I hope will become old ones."

N 43 degrees 5.652 minutes W 79 degrees 3.597 minutes

Before leaving the city famous for honeymoons, the Colonel, America and Marley did some sightseeing.

They soon had an interesting view of a spectacular show. The entertainers jumped through hoola hoops, balanced balls on their noses and performed a myriad of aquatic stunts. Marley was quite lucky to meet quite a few new friends, or did the bear just look like and appetizer to these denizens of the deep and their friendly smiles were just eager anticipation of a snack?

Soon the weather turned so it had to be a combination of the waterfalls and the rain storm passing overhead. Tourists soaked through stopped in at the Visitor’s center to purchase a profusion of brightly colored raincoats. The grayness of the sky could not keep the rainbows away from this area.

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But at night when all the world's asleep
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I know it sounds absurd
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