Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Plums Are Lost In The Past " Clue XI "

N 43 degrees 12.948 minutes W 75 degrees 27.542 minutes

Going further east, into this great state’s wine region, Colonel Plum heads to the local Clerk and Recorders Office hoping to find a death certificate for a cousin. When the Colonel and America inquired about this the Clerk said they did have one. He was not a close enough relative to get a certified copy but the person was kind enough to allow the medical evidence for death to still show. On top of that it showed the name of the gravesite! The Plums were given directions to there and with a little extra help from the GPS and the cemetery’s caretaker be able to locate the grave. A great surprise awaited them, there were 2 graves for his cousin’s family but, there were at least 4 more graves for a family called the Bachmans. This was only a great find because they were sharing the marble headstone of Mr. Plum’s cousin! On one side was etched one family name and on the reverse the other family’s name. Was there a blood tie or perhaps just close friends? This can be explored at a later date, but it did tend to lead to information for the Colonel’s history.

The Colonel’s family was not here when Fort Stanwix, as this area was known during the Revolutionary War and some years after, in the heart of the Leatherstocking Region was made famous by James Fenimore Cooper (each story of Mr. Cooper’s included the hero Natty Bumppo). However, this area is not only known for its fictional characters, but also, such famous bits of history as having the “Fort that never surrendered” until it was finally abandoned in1781 and also the construction for the Erie Canal was started here when Joseph Hathaway broke dirt July 4, 1817.
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