Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Plums Are Lost In The Past " Clue XII "

The Plums stopped by an area old in History. The story told is that this building was originally built as a Dutch Reform Church and the names of the parishioners who contributed to its construction are carved into the stones of its walls. After the 1777 uprising of Americans loyal to the King and Indians, the church was enclosed in a stockade as one of 3 forts in the River Valley. Called the Lower Fort (downstream of the other 2) it was garrisoned by Continental soldiers in 1778 and 1779.

After-wards the Plums headed into the Hudson River Valley. America mentions that she had family from this area at a spot where 3 eastern states all intersect. So off they went. After visiting the Library, which was closed, yet does have some burial records, the Colonel and his wife went walking through 2 very old graveyards, to no avail. America thought after all that hiking she was getting hungry. Looking for a restaurant they climbed almost a thousand feet in altitude, ending up in another state that is inexplicably hard to spell. Traveling through the campus of a posh college they spied a deli ahead. The Colonel and America walked by various shops until America jerked to a stop! One of her family's names was posted on a plaque, as part of a name of a business. It's the weekend, nothing to do but gather the information and investigate later.

N 42 degrees 40.630 minutes
W 74 degrees 18.083 minutes

Heading back in the direction Mr. Plum needed to go they enter one more unscheduled state, the land of Bed & Breakfast Inns. They were in that state for 20 minutes then the road brought them back on the direction Colonel Plum needed. Side tracked once again by a very old cemetery America and her husband stopped by to view a Revolutionary War Cemetery. It was a very peaceful grave site. The Colonel took some pictures of the angels on some of the headstones for his wife. America explained how these were some of the earliest of this design. Later they lost their wings and later yet the heads turned to skulls. She prefers this design.

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